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Posted on December 7, 2012 by Christine Crosby in 

My Secret Angel: A New Book about the Gift of Christmas

Remy Agee
Remy Agee
Too often this time of year, we’re bombarded by the commercial side of Christmas.  It pretty much consumes the days and preparations preceding Christmas.
Looking for a new way to teach your grandchildren the true meaning of Christmas?  This book is for you.


Written to engage your grandchild – while not ignoring his or her interest and belief in Santa Claus – My Secret Angel and Me finds a way to blend both into a loving and magical story.

We set off on a mission to teach children the true meaning of Christmas in an exciting way,” Rachel Hernandez, co-author, told me.   In this special holiday book, an angel descends from above to share the Nativity story and engages children in playful games of hide-and-seek.  She reports to God, Santa’s boss!

Their idea and book found an audience. “We sold out within three weeks last year,” Rachel proudly announced. She and co-author and illustrator, sister-in-law Ashley Adorno, continue to be overwhelmed and humbled by the response to their angel story. “Perhaps, we have a secret angel of our own smiling down on us. I’m pretty sure we do,” Rachel added.  Who is Rachel’s secret angel?  Her grandmother, whose encouragement Rachel discusses in The Story Behind this book included as a supplement to this article.

While the book is available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, GRAND readers also can purchase through Amazon Marketplace for ‘My Secret Angel and Me’ website by using this link .  This book will become a year-round treasure for  your grandchild simply by registering your grandchild’s angel and through Angel Mail at no additional cost!

To learn more about My Secret Angel and Meincluding how to register your grandchild’s angel; details about Angel Mail; and how to reinforce the book’s message all year long – please visit www.mysecretangelandme.com.


This gift set also is available for sale at select retail book and specialty children’s stores throughout the United States.  Find a location near you by clicking here www.mysecretangelandme.com/locations/index.html. Locations of these vendors is provided for GRAND readers who wish to purchase the gift set in person at a brick-and-mortar store.

The Story Behind…
‘My Secret Angel and Me: How the Gift of Christmas Came to Be’

By Rachel Hernandez, Co-Author

I smile every time I think of my grandmother; God rest her soul. She was beautiful, kind…and a bit quirky. She made me feel special. She had big dreams for me and wasn’t shy about sharing them with whoever would listen. “She’s going to write a book someday, you know,” she informed the guy behind the counter at McDonalds. I secretly rolled my eyes. Perhaps she knew something I didn’t…  saw things in me I couldn’t.

She was always saying sweet things and giving me little gifts – usually a carefully wrapped item I had admired in an overflowing curio cabinet.

“One day all of this will be yours,” she would often say as her wide eyes panned piles upon piles of dusty knick-knacks purchased at yard sales and from Good Will. Items such as a tiny toothpick holder, a jeweled thimble and a miniature unicorn I received from my grandmother are among my most treasured possessions.

Sadly, she passed away before her dream for me became a reality. A few years after her death, my sister-in-law Ashley approached me about collaborating on a children’s book. It seemed pretty far-fetched, as we were two stay-at-home moms who had zero experience in the publishing industry. Once we finally sat down to do it, our hearts immediately overflowed page after page. It was truly magical.


Christine Crosby

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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