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Your Grandkids Will Love This Holiday Art Fair for Charity

By Karla Sullivan

Gather your grandchildren, advertise at their school or community center, talk to your neighbors and friends about hosting an art fair with prizes for your favorite cause this holiday season; a wonderful way to inspire the art of charity in your grandchildren’s hearts.

First, have child contributors create their artwork to showcase. It is a good idea to give specific guidelines in advance for what you are expecting especially if the space is somewhat unique and limited. Keep guidelines simple and easy for all ages to understand. Don’t give too many choices concerning art materials that can be utilized. If you are judging the children’s work and awarding prizes for effort, have categories that combine similar ages so that everyone can shine. You may want to choose a theme such as their artful description of what the holiday means to them or their favorite holiday character such as Frosty the Snowman, the Grinch or good old Santa.

For example, my own created their works of art to be displayed outdoors at our organized summer art fair for a children’s hospital. Eleven by fourteen paintings, splashed in watercolor or acrylic, hung on the fence outside the community center for all to see.  Prior to the event,  we then took each drawing and framed them with the right color to highlight each design while finally dressing them in plastic just in case of a sudden rain. Once all the artwork was submitted and framed, a panel of judges intently studied the variety of floral bouquets, favorite pets as well as trains, planes, automobiles and a selection of rainbows. Each category produced a first, second and third place winner with the appropriate ribbon displayed on the frame. Several honorable mentions were also awarded.

Choose a day, advertise in the local newspaper, contact the charity that you will support and proceed with your community art fair at your child’s classroom, religious affiliation and even in your own backyard. Invite family and friends to visit the fair, selecting their favorite painting for purchase. Prices can be extremely reasonable because you will find that most want to purchase a child’s creative efforts along with their sincere attempt in giving to others and will double the price of a child’s painting. The buyers truly delight in delivering the true message of this blessed season.

Let the children be involved in collecting the proceeds and delivering it to the local charity. Many representatives associated with the charity will actually take the time to attend the event and even local reporters are known to make an appearance celebrating the in the early lessons of helping others.

Creating a charitable legacy is the foundation for every success story and starting the early teachings of charity at home is one of the grandest gifts that we can offer to our young. Help them now so they can continue to build their own world rich in selfless endeavors.

  Energetic, enthusiastic with an exceptional passion to guide others toward success, Karla Sullivan has been a speaker, trainer, teacher, writer, project manager and career service director. Karla has published for the University of Phoenix Focus magazine, Chicago Tribune, and Sacred Journey. She has published two books called “Imagine That” and “Caroline’s Crescendo.” Karla has also won awards for her children’s stories. She is a single mother, who has been confronted with many personal and professional obstacles. Each experience has given her more faith, gratitude and opportunity. Her mission is to help others achieve a sense of accomplishment and positive direction. Contact Karla at karlasullivan17@yahoo.com        



Christine Crosby

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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