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A Grandma’s Poem for Her New Baby Boy

Debra L Karplus 3x5A Poem for My New Grandson

By Debra Karplus

Welcome to the world, little boy.

You’ve brought our family so much love and joy.

Sleep peacefully, baby, your world is still safe, warm, soft and kind.

I gaze at you and imagine about the future path you might find.

Will you be creative like your Mom, or mellow like your Dad?

Will your self-image remain pure and sweet to pursue dreams that make you glad?

Will your world be somewhat tarnished if war, prejudice, poverty and rudeness haven’t yet gone away?

Will you be strong and empowered to enjoy a rich, full life with many sunny days?

Your grandparents are beaming, and you still have time to get to know your great grandparents who, because of you, are so excited and proud.

You have many cousins, aunts and uncles, great aunts and uncles, great-great aunts and uncles, because of your birth, are filled with emotion and are “wowed”.

Welcome to the world, little boy.

You are loved by all!


Author biography:  Debra Karplus is a licensed occupational therapist, teacher, and freelance writer for national magazines, baby boomer, and grandmother of three. She lives in a Midwestern college town.  She has been published in Grand Magazine in the past and is a featured columnist.  Learn more about her at



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