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How a Nursing Home Visit Can be Fun for the Grandparents & the Grandkids

phone with grandmaBy Jonathan Rosenfeld

You can make a visit to a nursing home fun for grandparents and grandkids

Staying in touch with family is critical for grandparents, but it can be hard for you if you live in a nursing home or even take advantage of assisted living. It doesn’t have to be that way, if you follow a few quick rules to make life easier for

Re-decorate Your Room and Think of the Children

You don’t have to switch up what you like to do or get rid of meaningful mementos. At the same time, conversation starters for kids usually aren’t music boxes, snow globes and old records. You don’t need a copy of US Weekly, of course, but having a few age-neutral objects for young ones to fidget with can make awkward pauses less of an issue for many children. It never hurts to ask their parents for some advice on this or anything else.

In addition, some kids may gawk at fellow residents who have disorders that limit mobility or the after effects of a stroke. Work with their curiosity and explain that this does not make them any less human, but that your fellow residents do have to do things differently so they don’t get confused or scared.

Follow Up on Their Hobbies and Friends

Many youngsters enjoy playing sports, musical instruments even if they don’t build models like they used to. Everyone likes to show off what they’ve learned or been able to accomplish. Talk with your sons and daughters about what has been going on in your grandkids’ lives and what activities they are enjoying. If they play baseball or softball, the whole family can go outside to see how the child’s ground ball skills have improved. If they feel comfortable doing it, grandson or granddaughter can also perform an impromptu recital, though you should check with their parents to see if the instrument will fit.

Trying to keep in contact with parents also offers great topics for conversation. Know that most kids are shy and visits are sometimes infrequent. Chatting about school projects (that they enjoyed) and other recent events can make things less awkward if you are worried about them enjoying their visit.

Don’t Forget About the Parents, Email and Letters

Grandchildren are wonderful and they can really liven things up. Too often, getting excited about visiting with them ignores the fact that parents deserve some time, too. While younger families may focus on the activities of their sons and daughters, checking in with your son about his work or a home renovation project they are trying to get finished.

It may seem tricky, but trying to get your grandkids to write letters can seem neat to them, especially if they are still working on their penmanship. No, mail is not as common as communicating on the Internet, but it can be one way to stay in touch. Children may also understand that it provides you with some temporary keepsakes in between visits to your nursing home or assisted living facility.

JARcolor Jonathan Rosenfeld is an attorney with a practice concentrating in representing individuals and families in cases involved elder neglect and abuse. Learn more about his work by visiting https://www.rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com

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