Grandkids Didn’t Make The Team? What You Can Do!

Remy Agee
Remy Agee


It’s baseball team tryouts.  Or maybe dance, gymnastics or basketball.  Perhaps band or chorus.  So much anticipation.  Lots of preparation.  And then, it happens.


Your darling grandchild does not make the team.  You hurt for your grand.  You tell  yourself life is full of challenges and disappointments.  But wait, there’s more you can do than just comfort and love.  Of course, that’s important.

Yet, this also is a good time to help your grandchild learn coping skills that will serve him or her well as she moves through  life.

This article is written for grandparents, yet parents also would benefit from reading it.  It’s a short piece, but contains several tips to help both generations cope and, more importantly, how to move forward.  If you’re like me, I tend to be wrapped up in how rejected he or she feels . The author’s suggestions give you positive action that ultimately will help both the grandchild and the grandparent weather an unpleasant situation, while learning valuable life skills.

Here’s an an opportunity to share a new approach to an old problem with your adult children!

Click here for the article in the Houston Chronicle.

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