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Grandkids Will Look Beyond The Obvious With A Monster in Paris

By Ranny Levy – Founder/President Kids First!

“The power of music can break barriers and build a friendship.” This is a beautiful statement by Jailene A., 12-year-old KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, after seeing the animated film “Monster in Paris.” Rated PG for some action violence involving gunplay and mild rude humor, this film is set in the year 1910 in Paris, and the story begins by documenting the flooding of the River Seine that year. With a lovely message, amusing characters and interesting story line, this animated film is perfect for the whole family – from grandparents to grandkids. Available now on DVD.

MonsterinParis“A Monster In Paris”

Reviewed by Jailene A.

See Jailene’s full video review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5l8pXV68Kk

I absolutely love “A Monster in Paris.” The 3-D animation of the film is great and the characters’ personalities engage you and makes you feel as if you are there.

The power of music can break barriers and build a friendship. “A Monster In Paris” is an extraordinary French film, translated in English, about two friends – one, a shy guy interested in film and the other, a very curious, mischievous delivery guy who rumble up lots of trouble after sneaking into a scientist’s house and carelessly unleashing a seven-foot-tall monster in the streets of Paris.

Unlike other animated films, “A Monster  in Paris” stands out with its amazing message that we can’t  judge a book by its cover and how true friendship doesn’t judge. Lucille loves Francoeur even though he is a gigantic flea. I also like Emile. He is a loving yet, shy guy with a love for cinematography. I like how the animators exaggerate some of the characters’ features and make them stand out and look hilarious. The bartender has a gigantic nose that makes it funny every time he talks. The film has a French feel and Lucille brings it together when she sings beautifully. However, I do not like how the ambitious commissioner mistreats Lucille and stops at nothing to make himself look good.

My favorite character is the professor’s monkey Charles, as he is intelligent and tries to guard the lab from Raoul and Emile from entrance to the professor’s lab and making a mess. He anticipates when something is about to go wrong. He also makes me laugh when he tries to sing.

My favorite scene is when Raoul and Emile are at the professor’s lab testing chemical mixes on Charles and one of the chemicals makes Charles sing like opera singer and then makes Charles feel emotion. The best part is when Raoul puts three drops of chemicals on a sunflower seed and in a matter of seconds the tiny seed grows to a 15-foot-tall giant sunflower. It is the reaction of Charles’ face that really made me laugh.

I recommend “A Monster in Paris” for ages 6-14 because it is very hilarious and family-friendly.  I give this film 5 out of 5 stars. This film is available now on DVD.


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