Make a “Grandparents List”

Senior woman with grandkids playing with touchpadI stole this idea from a family I know with young children. The father works very hard during the day and often comes home late in the evenings. His daughter began to complain that she is not getting enough “daddy time.” The father’s inventive solution was for her to create a Daddy List. Whenever she thinks of something she would like to do with her dad, like go on an ice cream date for two or build something out of wood, she puts it on the Daddy List. When the father does have some free time, they look at the list together and pick something to do.


So, now my grandkids and I have a Mimi List. If they really want to do something specific with me, but the timing is not quite right, it goes on the list. When we do have unscheduled time together, we are rarely at a loss for something to do!


Here are some of the current items on our Mimi List:


  1. Go to the library
  2. Draw portraits of each other
  3. Make a bird feeder
  4. Play a board game
  5. Bake and decorate cookies


If you and your grandkids make your own Grandparent List, please share some of the activity ideas in a Grandmother Hen community group!



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