Summer Means Summer Movies

Summer means a lot of things for kids: no school, trips to the pool and, hopefully, time with the grandparents. It also means blockbuster summer movies! Here are seven good reasons to scoop up your little ones and head to the theater.


  1. Air conditioning. In the heat of summer, indoor activities are at a premium. A couple of hours in a dark, cool space will be a much-needed reprieve from the hot summer sun.
  2. Break for mom and dad. Imagine your own child or child-in-law’s delight when you call and offer to take the kids for three hours!
  3. Sitting still. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, (Did I mention the summer heat?) it can be a treat for both you and the grandkids to sit still and relax while still being entertained.
  4. Easy activity to take friends. If you are brave enough to let your grandchild invite a friend along, this is an ideal group activity. Going to the movies means that you are in a controlled environment with little chance of an injury or major disagreements. This is also a fun activity for inviting your own friends to join you.
  5. Fun snack time. Something about being at the movies makes us want a drink in one hand and something to munch in the other. You can either snag refreshments at the theater or smuggle in your own. If it’s for my grandkids, I have no qualms about bringing in something healthy since those choices are slim at most theater snack counters.
  6. Something to talk about. Seeing a movie together is a fantastic opportunity for quality discussion afterward. You can test your grandkids comprehension skills by quizzing them about what happened. With older kids, you can critique the film together and chat about its broader themes.
  7. A shared experience. Going to the movies is always an event at any age, and seeing something on the big screen can leave a big impression on little kids. They may file this experience away and remember seeing a certain movie with you for a long time.


As you see movies with your grandkids this summer, take a moment to post in a Grandmother Hen community group about the flick you saw. Let the rest of us know which movies to skip and which ones we shouldn’t miss!

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