Welcoming A New Grandchild On Grandparents Day!

Grandparents Day And The Delivery Of A New Grandchild!
By Pat Manfrede
I just became a grandmother on the day after my 54th birthday.  It was the most amazing feeling. Her name is Angelina.  I love her already.
I spent many days with the new mom bringing gifts and just being there for her when her own mom was not present at the hospital. As well, I went to visit my mom who was there for me my whole life and helped me to raise my son.
 In Florida, there are no grandparents rights. I am a Guardian ad Litem and I raised my son, Angelo, on my own. I did all I could in life to help my son and I love him deeply.
So, I have a new grandchild and on grandparents day I wish to say HAPPINESS to all those grandparents out there who see their grandchildren or who do not as I happen to know how special the feeling is to be a grandparent.
We are happy for the two new parents, Angelo and Mandy and I wish them all the luck in the world.
I love you.
Grandma Pat
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