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Posted on January 14, 2014 by Christine Crosby in grand, GRAND life stage, grandmother, retirement

The GRAND Years: Life After 60

By Nanci Yuronis, grandmother and mother extraordinaire, entrepreneur, world traveler, writer, Lavender grower

If I were to choose a name for the stage of life after 60, I would call it the GRAND years. Easy enough to see why. All the responsibilities of raising a family are pretty much behind us. Isn’t that GRAND? Retirement is imminent, and soon we will be free to do just exactly as we please. Isn’t that GRAND? We can pursue our interests with more passion.  Also, we now have the time to travel and explore the nooks and crannies of the world that always fascinated us but didn’t quite fit into our agendas.  Isn’t that GRAND?

We can focus on aspects of our health…walking, trekking, climbing, sailing, eating well, relaxing, pursuing educational enrichment…isn’t it all GRAND?The GRAND years, walking is one of the best ways to stay fit

Then there are the endless discounts that all of a sudden we magically quality for. And isn’t that oh-so-GRAND?

Our children will have children and soon we will be GRANDparents? It’s almost a stage more exalted than ordinary parenthood. Sounds that way, too…GRANDmother and GRANDfather. That is ever so GRAND.

These years of life from 60 on are so very special, and they should most appropriately be dubbed our GRAND years, the GRAND stage of our lives.

Forget calling me a senior citizen, old or retired. Just refer to me as GRAND.

To read more about success after 60, check out Dennis Miller’s piece:

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