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Posted on February 24, 2014 by Christine Crosby in Bad food, food, grandkids, healthy eating

Grandparents Beware of the Food You Offer Your Grandkids

Grandparents Beware of the Food You Offer Your Grandkids

By Christine Crosby, Editorial Director – GRAND Magazine

I’m in the process of reading a fabulous book, Rich Food – Poor Food by Jayson Calton, PhD and Mira Carlton, CN. I highly recommend it for all grandparents.

With the obesity epidemic taking down so many children with health problems, we grands need to join the fight for healthy choices.

We all know many grandparents love to spoil their grandkids with treats, but it’s important to know what you are really givintg them.

For example, you may be surprised to find that some  seemingly harmless favorite foods could be doing more damage to your grandkid’s health than you could have imagined:

·         Kraft Singles (FAT FREE American)— These slices are littered with hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides, dried corn syrup, artificial color, carrageenan (MSG), cellulose gum (wood pulp) artificial flavor and disodium inosinate (MSG indicator).

·         Dark meat poultry– Contains higher levels of numerous toxins than lighter meat turkey and chicken

·         Hillshire Farm’s Grilled Chicken Breast– The chicken breast has more than 20 ingredients, including partially hydrogenated GMO oils (trans fats), hydrolyzed corn protein (MSG) and dextrose (GMO sugar).

·         Oscar Mayer Ham & Cheddar Lunchables– These popular school lunches contain 61 ingredients, including poor quality meat (ham chopped and formed with artificial flavors and added water), crackers labeled as made with whole grain, and a “vanilla cream cookie” with neither vanilla or cream inside.

·         Hebrew National Dinner Beef Franks— These franks contain modified food starch (GMO, gluten), hydrolyzed soy protein (GMO, MSG), synthetic nitrates possibly containing lead and arsenic, and irradiated spices (EMD).

·         Heinz Ketchup— This ketchup uses non-organic tomatoes, likely coated with pesticides, corn-derived distilled vinegar (GMO), high fructose corn syrup and natural flavorings (most likely MSG).

·         Kraft Easy Mac— A single serving microwave bowl is 440 calories. The wheat flour is coated with a combination of corn syrup solids (sugar-based GMO), maltodextrin (MSG, GMO), two artificial colors, guar gum and monosodium glutamate (obesity inducing).

·         Doritos 100-Calorie Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips— Even this mini bag is loaded with GMO—corn, vegetable oil and malodextrin. It also includes nonorganic rBGH dairy products, three artificial colors, three forms of MSG and vitamin C-depleting sugar.

·         Gatorade (G Series Perform Citrus Cooler)— In addition to containing 56 grams of sugar in one 32-ounce bottle, this sports drink contains yellow #6 and brominated vegetable oil, both of which are banned in other countries.

Editor’s Note: For more stories on healthy food for Grandparents to feed their Grandkids

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Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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