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Movie for Children: Despicable Me 2

In 2010, people fell in love with a minion-ruling villain turned soft-hearted adoptive father of three precocious girls in the movie Despicable Me.

Last year, Gru, his girls and his minions returned for more fun in Despicable Me 2, recently released on video.

Despicable Me 2 is a full-length computer-animated comedy by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. It is not a necessary follow-up as the first movie was a stand-alone story, which wrapped up nicely at the end. That said, this second movie could have been poorly received or even forgettable, but it isn’t.

This time around, Gru partners with the Anti-Villain League (AVI), somewhat reluctantly, to best another villain. Meanwhile, his trusty minions begin to disappear. Gru must find the villain and his minions, while keeping up with the lives of his three daughters: Margo, Edith and Agnes. We also meet some new characters, including Lucy (an AVI agent) and Eduardo (an owner of a Mexican restaurant).

As the movie opens, we get a glimpse of Gru’s post-villain life as domestic father and it seems he’s taken to it quite well—even dressing as a fairy princess for his daughter’s birthday when the hired one doesn’t show.

As “despicable” implies, there are dastardly deeds and combative acts (think Looney Toons cartoons, not rated R action flick). Still, it’s always good to remind younger birds that movies are pretend. You know, give it the old “do not try this at home” warning.

Like the original, this second movie is just plain fun. It’s a family-friendly comedy that can be enjoyed by all ages, from the little birds to the grand Hens. The little ones will probably like the bright colors and silly antics, whereas the older children and adults will appreciate the humor and storyline.

I’ve come across toddlers, teens, parents and grandparents that enjoyed Despicable Me 2. The general verdict seems to be that it is not as good as the first but is certainly entertaining.

S.M. Hutchins is mom to a curious toddler and full-time stepmom to a teenager. She is a writer and copyeditor perpetually seeking the mystery, magic and wonder in everyday life. See more from S.M. Hutchins at www.livewonderstruck.com.

Christine Crosby

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