Hours with the Birds: Share the Love

Brrr! This has been an exceptionally cold winter all across the country and our winged friends will certainly appreciate this craft. Get your own little birds to lend a hand making birdfeeders that will help the wildlife find food until spring. Then, sit back and while away the hours watching the birds and hungry squirrels nibble on your project!

Heart-Shaped Birdfeeder



  • Birdseed.
  • Wax paper.
  • Glue.
  • String or twine.
  • Scissors.


  • Cut a large sheet of wax paper and lay it out flat.
  • Cut a segment of string or twine to use as a hanger for your birdfeeder.
  • Place the segment on the wax paper, so that the ends will be covered with glue. (You may have to tape down the ends if using unruly twine.)
  • Use a generous amount of glue to make a heart shape on the wax paper, being sure to cover the ends of your string or twine.
  • Sprinkle birdseed over the heart-shaped glue.
  • Let dry.
  • Cut dry, heart-shaped birdfeeder out of wax paper sheet. Be careful not to snip the string or twine.
  • Hang just outside of a window and watch for birds and other wildlife!
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