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3 Ways to Bond with Your Grandkids When They Stay Over

Having your grandkids come over for the first time or even a third can be nerve-wracking.  You’ll need him or her to be entertained, happy, and not feel out of place.  With a bit of creativity, it can be easy to make sure your grandchild has a fun and memorable stay at grandma’s and grandpa’s.  Here are three ways to help you bond with your grandkids when they stay over and make them excited for their next stay at grand’s house.

1. A Monster Scavenger Hunt

A Monster Scavenger Hunt can help your grandchild overcome any fears of the dark or unfamiliar places while also having a ton of fun with his or her grandparents.  To begin, come up with a simple story about a nice and fun monster that is hiding in your house.  You can say that your favorite cuddle or smile monster has escaped and that you need your grandchild’s help with finding him!

image001Next, place clues in different areas of your home where monsters would normally hide.  You can hide clues in a closet, at the end of a hallway, under a bed, etc.  Make sure that whatever type of monster you’ve created, each clue relates to the monster in a fun way.  Place a box decorated in fun and bright wrapping pair at your final destination.  Once there, have your child open the box.  Inside, he or she will find a pair of matching family pajamas for you all to wear with cute animal or cartoon characters on them.  Let your grandchild know that they’ve found the monster and that they should put on their monster pajamas, because it’s movie time!

2. Watch a Fun Monster- or Pajama-themed Movie

Now that your grandchild has gotten to know your home better, a fun monster- or pajama-themed movie can be a great way to keep the theme going and bond with your grandchild.  There are many fun movies about monsters and pajamas that children love, like “Scooby Doo,” “The Muppets,” or Disney’s “Monsters, Inc,” where the little girl Boo where’s pajamas throughout the movie. During the movie, make sure to wear your matching monster pajamas.  This way, when Scooby and his team find the monster, or when Sully from Monster’s Inc. realizes that laughter is ten times stronger than fear, your grandchild will be reminded of all the fun he or she has had so far at grand’s.

3. A Monster- or Pajama-Themed Bedtime Story

After an exciting monster scavenger hunt and evening movie, your grandkid will likely be ready for bed!  There are many stories involving monsters and/or pajamas that can be a great way to continue the themes that were part of your fun-filled day with your grandchild.  You can read the classic story “Where the Wild Things Are,” where the young boy Max wear animal-style footed pajamas while interacting with magical animalsgrandkids in his bedroom jungle or “The Polar Express” and “Peter Pan,” where the main characters also wear pajamas throughout the story.  Make sure to tell your grandchild that you are wearing pajamas just like the children in the stories to remind him or her of all the fun you’ve had together!

When a grandchild visits, you want to make sure he or she is as comfortable at your home as possible and that each moment you spend together helps you to grow closer.  grandkids love pajamas from crazyforbargains_2272_215382991With fun-filled monster- and pajama-themed activities, you can help to make sure that your grandchild is not only comfortable but also has a truly memorable stay at grand’s house.  When your grandchild is ready to go home, the matching PJs they’ll bring back can help him or her to remember all of the fun they had and look forward to their next stay at grand’s.grandkids love pajamas from crazyforbargains_2272_219864339


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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