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crazy quilt

Posted on July 25, 2014 by Christine Crosby in crafts, crazy quilt, grandbaby

Simple Directions to Make a Special Crazy Quilt for Your Grandbaby

By Anne Schmidt

Lay the backing (and the batting, if you are using it) and the in-between muslin on a flat surface. Use a lot of pins (safety pins, if you like) around the edges to make sure everything remains stable while you work. Be sure that each layer remains flat.

Start in one corner and sew a piece in place, on all sides, through all layers. Choose the next piece (keeping varying texture in mind), turn it upside down, and match one common edge of the second piece with the first piece. Proceed using a “sew & flip” method: Sew the new piece and the base pieces together (by hand or machine), making sure you go through all layers. Turn over the new piece. Get another piece that feels different still, and add it, removing the pins as you come near them.

When the entire quilt is covered, it’s time to finish the edges by either:

1. Trim the backing, batting, and in-between to be the same size as the quilt and cover the edges with purchased blanket binding (as illustrated in the sample photograph).

2. Trim the backing to a width of 4 inches. Trim the batting and in-between to match the quilt.  Fold the backing in half and iron it, to keep in place. Fold the backing over the edge of the quilt and stitch down.



Christine Crosby

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