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Are YOUR Parents Open To The Idea Of Changing Their Lifestyles For The Better?

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Is your mom and/or dad open to the idea of changing their lifestyles for the better? Could they be ready to explore letting go of doing everything for themselves? Ready to regain the time to really enjoy their lives and families more, plus give you the peace of mind knowing they are healthy, happy and engaged in community?

I’d hope the answer is, yes, but now what? We know that you are busy and don’t want to wade through a million sites. It’s important that before you start that conversation with your folks, you need to have some options in mind to discuss with them. To get you started on the right road, we’d like to suggest you start with this website:

Here’s why…

The site is organized into steps:

1. Why Senior Living? (for that person who needs clear and compelling information so they can see the many benefits)
2. Finding the Right Fit (for someone who wants senior living but doesn’t know how to start the search)
3. Choosing a Community (with storytelling about each community)
4. Making It Happen (for those who have chosen a community but need help financing a move or making the transition)

Users of are given printable guides to take onsite to a senior living community, quizzes and resources to help them think through their options, and videos and photos to gain a behind-the-scenes peek at community life. Using existing residents as sources, was able to intertwine their brand story and communicate their values—all while offering the resources seniors actually need, at the stage they are looking for it.

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