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Credit Cards - The Plastic Effect by Polly Bauer

The Plastic Effect: What You Need To Know About Credit Cards

Polly Bauer is a loving grandmother who is on a mission to help people learn how to successfully manage their credit cards. In addition to being a grandmom who cares about the future of our society, Polly is an internationally recognized credit card authority. She’s considered by many to be “the” preeminent expert on global credit card payment operations. So, when Polly comes out with a book on this topic, believe me, you want to read it!

Americans average 3.5 credit cards per person – that’s a lot of plastic! Even with all that buying power in their wallets, most consumers have no idea the ways that they use (or misuse) their credit cards can affect their health, their relationships, and their credit scores. Many factors go into mounting credit card debt: impulse shopping, health emergencies, the loss of a job, marriage, divorce, a death in the family. With this debt comes stress, arguments, loss of sleep, inability to pay other bills, worry, health problems, crumbling relationships… Does any of this sound familiar? Increasing credit card debt and a lack of knowledge about how credit cards really work have created a new social phenomenon called “The Plastic Effect.” And if you have a credit card, The Plastic Effect can affect YOU.

In their new book, The Plastic Effect – How Urban Legends Influence The Use And Misuse Of Credit Cards, Polly A. Bauer, CPCS and attorney Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD, have selected 25 of the most common urban legends influencing the use and misuse of credit cards.

What I loved most about The Plastic Effect – How Urban Legends Influence The Use And Misuse Of Credit Cards is the easy-to-read layout. The authors put forth the top 25 urban legends about credit cards and provides the facts about each in easy to understand language. They don’t bury you in credit-card speak. To provide added value, at the end of each chapter, Polly provides Polly’s Pearls of Wisdom. This special section provides insights and a deeper look at the urban legend topic. She provides additional resources; websites, phone numbers & addresses that actually helps you take the next steps to explore the credit card and credit score topics. It is here that you realize that Polly is truly a passionate consumer advocate.

credit card expert Polly Bauer

Polly A. Bauer, CPCS, CME is widely known today as “the credibility queen” in business and communications. During the past 40 years as a corporate CEO, board member, industry association leader, consultant, advisor, and corporate speaker, Polly has shown organizations and individuals how to rise to the top through credibility in communications.

credit cards expertStephen Lesavich, PhD, JD is an entrepreneur, CEO, author, adventurer and soul growth pioneer. Stephen is an attorney in private practice. He received a Ph.D. in computer science and worked professionally as software engineer for high-tech companies such as AT&T Bell Labs and others. He also has worked as an adjunct professor at several universities. 



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