Check out Blue – Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit

This week Blue – Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit is taking place in St. Petersburg, FL. It is a week of inspiring ocean films, thought provoking panel discussions, incomparable networking opportunities and world class entertainment.

This year’s theme, “Explore Blue” will allow you to take advantage of the stories and experiences of esteemed explorers such as Sir Robert Swan, Dr. Sylvia Earle (as see on the Sept/Oct issue of GRAND Magazine, Sir Richard Branson, Fabian Cousteau, Jon Bowermaster and many more.7

The film, Deep Sea Challenge by James Cameron is an amazing documentary of Mr. Cameron’s voyage to the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean.

There are tons of educational films for grandkids, parents and grandparents. It’s a glorious opportunity to learn about this important issue.

Blue, Ocean film festival and conservation summit





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