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Do You Keep A Journal?

By Christine Crosby

One of my best friends has kept a journal for the 39 years she has been married. Both she and her husband add to it. Some days they put in a lot and some days they just write a sentence or two, but the bottom line is that they have accumulated the rich and vibrant history of their lives together. I’m so jealous as I have to rely on my not so sharp memory. It’s truly amazing what they’ve done and continue to do. Every time I think about it, I pledge to start my own. But guess what happens? Nothing…that’s right, until now.

I was sent for review the new Ten Year Journal and have embraced it as my answer to why I’ve been procrastinating.

Of all the moments and memories you remember, how many have you forgotten?  Record and read about the precious people, times and events in your life with Journal 10 Ten Year Journal!

Ten Year Journal provides the unique experience of putting actual pen to actual paper to create a permanent and tangible memoir.  Unlike other journals that leave writers staring at a blank page, Ten year Journal includes dated and lined pages with room to record feelings, books read, what was eaten that day, local weather, world events or whatever happening stands out—the writer is only limited by their own imagination!  A perfect gift for newlyweds to record the first decade of marriage, new parents to treasure the first ten years of a child’s life, world travelers or anyone that loves to journal, Ten Year Journal is an intimate and unique way to cherish memories. With its beautifully bound leather cover, it will quickly become a treasured hobby.

With Journal 10 Ten Year Journal, just a few scribbled sentences a day will become a decade of memories and observations that can be held in your hands.  What fun to look back and see what happened a year ago today!  Plus, Ten Year Journal doesn’t just provide daily entries but special pages for long-range planning, monthly overviews, address and phone numbers, special dates, extended entries and more!  It’s like a journal, planner and contacts book in one!

Not only is Journaling a great way to preserve your thoughts and experiences from 2015 and beyond, but it can also have daily health benefits as well.  Journaling is often used to help calm thoughts and  bring stress levels down while helping to problem solve or clarify thoughts on a complicated issue.  Plus, because Ten Year Journal offers small, dated entry spaces, the intimidation sometimes brought on by a blank page vanishes with dedicated space that provides enough room to write down daily thoughts without the need for an entire blank page.

Inspired by a Japanese product brought to the United States by Masayo Koshiyama in 1994, Ten Year Journal is the only journal offering 11 years of entries (so that owners may start at any time within the first year and still get an entire decade) and remains a strong seller among those buying for a second time.  Ten Year Journal believes in the power and intimacy of the hand-written memoir and dedicated to providing high-quality, expertly bound and beautiful journals that are not only fun and meaningful to use, but affordable as well.

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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