Posted on December 18, 2014 by Christine Crosby in Grand Families, grandkids, grandparents, NPR

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Grandkids Living With Grandparents: The Rise Of Grandfamilies

According to a new report on When Grandma’s House Is Home: The Rise Of Grandfamilies

  • The number of children who live with their grandparents has increased by one-third over a generation, according to the Census Bureau.
  • One in 10 children—8 million—lives either at a grandparent’s home or a grandparent lives in the child’s family home, according to an analysis by NPR. In about a third of those households, the child’s parents are not present.
  • Sometimes the living arrangements are necessary because of financial troubles or absentee parents, but sometimes, they’re voluntary. The NPR report pointed to “a cultural dynamic” in Hispanic and Asian households, whose members want to live with extended family.


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