Patricia Sullivan: 2014 GRANDparent of the Year

The follow essay was written about Patricia Sullivan, selected by the Week of the Family Committee for Orange County Florida’s Grandparent of the Year.

How can a person be like glue?

Well, in the case of my “Granny”, she is truly the “glue” that holds our family together! She and her husband “Papa” raised four children of their own, and were later blessed with 14 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Grandparent of the year 2014Sadly, after being married for 53 years, Papa struggled with Alzheimer’s and recently passed away. My granny now serves as the “matriarch” of our family, giving advice to her children and grandchildren. She also serves as a teacher, helping educate our youngest family members in her own version of pre-school (dubbed “Granny School”), and teaches Religious Education classes on Sunday. After all, Granny is no stranger to teaching! When Granny was younger, she taught special education classes to disadvantaged children with intellectual & developmental disabilities for over 20 years. Granny is an extraordinary woman, and loves our family members at all times- even when we make mistakes. Granny is our teacher, mentor, and the “glue” that holds our family together.

In my opinion, Granny is a fitting candidate for “Grandparent of the Year”!


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