A Grandparent’s Scheme


By Billy Campbell

The coming of a grandchild brings life to a dream

A long awaited beginning to a grandparent’s scheme

Cute as a button.  We spoil them rotten

Our own trials of parenting are never forgotten

Never without candy for the next sugar binge

All part of the plan In a grandparents revenge

Our guilty pleasure is watching our kids

As they learn to appreciate all that we did

Quick to remind them we’ve seen it before

Hoping our grandchild will even the score

In the parenting world karma becomes fact

With the blessing of a grandchild

Our kids are paid back





Billy Campbell writes poetry and sell them as framed sentiments. I have written them in all varieties and have published my first children’s book. My mother used to tell me one day I would get my payback so she was the inspiration for this poem.


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