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Chelsea Clinton Says Bill And Hillary Are Very Involved As Grandparents

According to Chelsea Clinton, her parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, are totally involved in their granddaughter’s life, all the way down to changing diapers.

Clinton, who gave birth to baby Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky in September, talked to Jimmy Kimmel this week about how her very political parents are embracing their new roles as grandma and grandpa Clinton.

“They’re changing diapers, reading to her, helping her go to sleep at night,” Chelsea Clinton said. “It’s just been such a joy for me to watch them sort of rediscover that part of their lives and to watch them as grandparents.”

Baby Charlotte is the Clintons’ first grandchild and they’re clearly doting on her, with Grandpa Bill gushing earlier this year that his granddaughter is “the greatest thing since sliced bread.”

ClintonChelsea also joked that her parents are slightly in awe of all the new technology parents have to look after their infants, like wireless baby monitors. And of course, just like any grandparent, they think the little girl is a “genius.”


Jimmy Kimmel helped Chelsea Clinton kick off a brand new campaign – even if he didn’t quite understand it.

The talk show host had Clinton on Monday’s show to debut a public service announcement about the “Serve A Year” initiative, sponsored by The Clinton Foundation.

ClintonBut as she tried to explain it, Kimmel’s funny asides earned him plenty of sideeyes from the former First Daughter – including his suggestion to rename the program as the “National Ninja Warrior Squad. ”



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