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Posted on March 6, 2015 by Christine Crosby in e-books, electronic books, Epub, Visual Steps

How To Enjoy E-Books & Keep Up With The GRANDkids

I’ve been reading books on my tablet now for over a year. At first I resisted, but then my daughter loaned me her Kindle for a trip I was taking. That did it! I’m now on board the ebook train (saving trees and keeping up with my g-kids). Our friends at Visual Steps share more below about this wonderful new world and how simple it is to enjoy.

Working with Electronic books

More and more people are reading books these days on a tablet or e-reader. These types of books are called Ebooks or EPUBs (that’s short for electronic publication). EPUB is actually one of the various formats for electronic books. An EPUB book has the file extension .epub. Ebook files can be opened on different devices such as e-readers, tablets pc’s and smartphones. The pages will adjust to the size of the device. The text of an eBook can be more difficult to read on a smartphone due to its smaller screen size.

Advantage of eBooks

The advantage of eBooks is that they take up less space. This is especially handy when you go travelling. You don’t need to carry around all those heavy books in your suitcase. You can easily bring your tablet or e-reader with all of your books! Another advantage is that you can search in an eBook instead of flipping through page after page. And no trees are required for the pages of the book.

Buying eBooks

You can buy Ebooks via different channels, for example the iTunes Store, Kobo Store, eBooks.com and Barnes & Noble’s online store. Once you have bought an Ebook and it is downloaded to your device you can leaf through the pages easily by swiping over the screen. The program used to read an Ebook, for example iBooks on the iPad or iPhone, will often have a toolbar on the book page. The toolbar can be used to change the settings, such as changing the font size or the font style. When the toolbar has disappeared you can easily show it again by tapping the screen. This program will also remember and mark the page where you stopped reading. When you start iBooks again, the book will be opened on the correct page. This will also happen if you are reading multiple books at once.

In the free download Purchase an Epub on the Visual Steps website you can find more information about how to buy an Epub on a tablet. Visual Steps has also published a number of eBooks. The EPUBs from Visual Steps are very suitable for tablets. This is because of the step-by-step instructions with lots of screen shots. You can find the eBooks from Visual Steps on the website.


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