Blood, Sweat, and Beer – A Film To Brighten Your Day

Blood, Sweat & Beer

By Pat Burns – film reviewer for GRAND Magazine

Quoting Ben Franklin, Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Having said that, I think Ben Franklin would have enjoyed Blood, Sweat, and Beer as much as I did. This new documentary film exploring the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and the dramatic stories of two  start-up breweries.

Blood, sweat, and beerSo why, am I recommending this film for GRAND readers? For one thing, I was personally unaware of the size and scope of the craft beer industry. I thought screening this film would teach something to chat about when out to dinner with friends. Especially, when out with guys that like to have a beer.  Well, I did learn about this budding industry but this film is more than just information.  It was a terrific story, splendidly shot in clear HD, colorfully showing not only the making of beer, but the people making it and the towns they’re impacting with their local breweries.

For part of the story we watch as two, young, twenty-year-olds manifest their dream of building their own craft beer brewery from rock bottom to opening day. The twist is that these young men choose the gone-for-dead town of Braddock, Pennsylvania.  90% abandoned, no jobs, no restaurants and, well, basically no people.  God bless the dreamers. You have to give them tons of credit.

Directed by: Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin

Blood, Sweat, and Beer trailer can be viewed from their website. The film can be ordered from this link, too.


Blood, sweat and beerPat Burns helps families save money – She is also the co-founder of the Orange County Children’s Book Festival; a film reporter, Regional Editor of GRAND Magazine, author of Grandparents Rock®, and the happy grandmother of four.



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