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Why Turning A Deaf Ear Is A Thing Of The Past Especially For Grandparents

We grandparents would never want to turn a deaf ear to our precious grandchildren. This is why as natural aging takes its course and our hearing diminishes, today’s savvy grandparents are seeking the best hearing technology. We don’t want to miss a single word from those little darlings.

The cruel thing about your hearing losing its edge, is that the people around you will probably notice it before you do. If, as with most adults, your hearing declines only very gradually over time you’re not going to be aware that your requests for people to repeat themselves or to turn up the TV, are becoming ever so slightly more frequent.

And then, of course, there is the stubbornness. We all suffer from it to varying degrees. It’s that steadfast refusal to accept that a) we are actually getting older and b) that the ageing comes with a physical price.

Denial is probably one of the defining characteristics of people of a certain age. It may come in all sorts of forms, from the choices we make in terms of our relationships to what we tell ourselves about our changing physiologies. As we age we may lose out in some aspects of our lives but we all become world class when it comes to denial. And nowhere is that more evident than with our hearing.

Overturning social stigma

The truth is that there is still a certain stigma attached to hearing loss. You only have to think of ear trumpets and those awful old-fashioned pink hearing aids to appreciate where those negative associations come from. Neither option is exactly sexy, is it? But as more and more young people suffer hearing damage, either through military service or the over exposure to loud music (or both), the issue is fast losing that embarrassing overtone.

Modern hearing aids and Personal Sound Amplifying Products are increasingly efficient as well as discrete. They are also marketed more openly and more competitively as what was once a niche market has become far more competitive. At the same time, improvements in battery design have made it possible to produce devices that are pretty much invisible. You can buy them online from HiddenHearing easily and inexpensively, just as you can arrange a free hearing test if you are in any way concerned about the condition of your hearing.

A stubborn prejudice

All of that public exposure is long overdue. We think nothing of wearing a pair of spectacles to aid our vision but the other main sensory disability, hearing, has in the past been treated quite unkindly. Sadly, its stigmatised reputation has only reinforced the self-denial that so many people struggle with.

Going for an eye test is now just about as routine as taking your car in for a service, but we are far less ready to safeguard our hearing. A visit to an audiologist can identify precisely where you are in terms of your hearing and at a single strike it can offer the means to make life both more comfortable and less stressful. And although your friends and family might be too polite or too kind to mention it, it might also take away some of the embarrassment that they feel when, once again, you fail to hear what someone has said.

For more information – https://besthearinghealth.com/


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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