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Posted on June 1, 2015 by Christine Crosby in baby, granddaughter, grandma, grandmother, grandson

It’s A GRAND Shower! Giving The New Grandma A Special Party

It’s A GRAND Shower! Giving The New Grandma A Special Party

Our friends at grandparentslink.com shared this great little article on putting a GRAND shower together for that special friend who is going to be a first-time GRANDmom. How cool…another really grand excuse to get together with the girlfriends.

grandma shower 2When a woman becomes pregnant, as the mother-to-be she is usually showered with many gifts from adoring friends and family. At the same time, the Grandma-to-be is left without the crucial items necessary for having her grandson or granddaughter over to her house. Poor Grandma! What will she to do? She has no baby supplies!

Help ensure that when Mom needs a few hours away, she can trust the bambino to Grandma, who is fully equipped with a place for baby to sleep, play and get the diaper changed with a shower for Grandma!

What better way to have some fun, and give a new Grandma something special — the answer: give her a GRANDshower!  It’s a special little party to say, “Hey Grandma, let’s get you ready with all the things you will need to help with the new arrival.” Oh, and a good excuse to celebrate this new loving, exhilarating, and inspirational journey in her life!

Since it’s a shower, be sure that everyone brings a special gift for Grandma, and  though she won’t need all of the same things as the mother-to-be, she will definitely need these important items:

  • Port-A-Crib or Crib
  • High chair
  • Baby bathtub
  • Bouncy seat
  • Changing pad
  • Linens/sheets/blanket for baby
  • Car seat
  • Diapers and baby wipes
  • Super saucer – you know, that round thing with a seat in the center that’s safe for the baby to sit in and play
  • Baby swing
  • Baby gym – toys that the baby can lay on its back and play with – mounted on a swing like a bar
  • Bibs, bottles, formula
  • Stroller
  • Toys, puzzles, books, stuffed animals
  • Baby monitor

In addition to www.party411.com from whence this article originated, check out these other favorite sites that will help you land on the perfect GRANDshower gift: www.buybuybaby.com , www.shopbabybliss.com and always a favorite… www.babysrus.com 

A few fun GRANDshower suggestions


Since Grandma’s friends are throwing the bash, borrow a child (anyone with very small hands will do) and dip the child’s hands in paint to make one or two handprints on the front of the invites. This is very simple, and it doesn’t imply that Grandma is the one having the baby. (That could cause some interesting gossip around the neighborhood!) Write all the important information in child-like writing on the invitation.

Shower decorations and menu

You don’t really need to do too much for decorations for this party. Think of traditional decorations and keep them simple. Hang a few baby theme ceiling decorations. We always recommend balloons for baby showers; they are economical, they make a big impact, and there are some really cute designs available. Have fun with your table decorations. First, choose fun baby-theme paper goods (inexpensive and easy to clean!), and then pick a fun centerpiece. Make the food simple and fun: simple tea sandwiches, a salad, a great sherbet punch, and some decadent pink and blue cupcakes. Simple and easy- that’s the idea

For Grandma’s baby shower centerpieces

Place a different large toy in the middle of each table and add balloons to each toy. Of course, these can all go home with Grandma to use for her new grandchild. If Grandma is a bit more conservative, you can decorate each table with a different plant, or pot of flowers with a small baby rattle sticking out of each one. Stacks of baby books, CDs, and DVDs in small baskets also make fun centerpieces.

A Grand idea

An amusing way to engage your guests at a grandparent shower is to get the baby’s mom and dad in on the action. If they aren’t able to attend, ask them to send a video to the new grandparents that can be shown at the gathering. Whether the tone is silly or sweet, this is bound to be one of the more touching moments of the night.

Your Grandma-to-be will have a wonderful time at her beautiful ‘Grand’ shower. She will always remember the special celebration that you put so much thought and love into. 

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