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The Pley Gift Card Is The Ultimate Gift For Your Grandkids!

The Pley gift card is guaranteed to earn you some serious brownie points!

It’s always a struggle to find the right gift for the grandchildren. With birthdays and holidays to think about, we’re all in search of the perfect present that is sure to bring smiles to their little faces. One thing most kids are guaranteed to love is LEGO. With 7 LEGO sets being sold every second across the globe, just choosing the right set for your grandchild can be tricky.

pLEY Help is at hand in the form of Pley, a LEGO rental service, where for a monthly subscription, members receive unlimited LEGO sets of their choice delivered directly to their door. With a few clicks of a button, you can give them a gift card for Pley – a simple way to provide non-stop fun for your grandchildren.

Recent studies have shown that construction toys like LEGO can help children develop fine motor skills and spatial skills as well as enhance their creativity and imagination. Tests have also revealed that complex building blocks can have a beneficial impact on a child’s advanced math skills in later life. So it’s time to get building.

Pley is the perfect gift for any LEGO enthusiast. Whether they are beginners or LEGO master builders, Pley has sets for every level and offers a fantastic choice from the latest releases to the hard to find, rare sets.

PLEYWith over 350 sets to to choose from, your grandkids will be able to select their favorite sets based on their interests and ability. So whether it’s Minecraft or Legends of Chima; Friends or Buildings; Superheroes or Cities, there’s plenty of choice for everyone. The best thing is that once they are done building a set, they can simply send it back to Pley in the pre-paid packaging and eagerly await their next set. There’s no limit to how many sets they can switch out each month.

Each LEGO brick is cleaned and sanitized after each use. With free delivery and a fantastic choice of sets to choose from, grandparents can easily provide their little loved ones with endless hours of enjoyment, no matter how far away they are.

Gift credit can be applied to any existing plan. To find out more about Pley or to purchase a gift card, go to 1


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