Can You Laugh At Senior Moments?

When I first picked up The Big Book of Senior Moments I was predisposed to not like it. Perhaps like you, I don’t think it’s funny to make fun of older people, especially now that I am one. However, this book is laughing with us, and not at us. A big difference!

Temporarily forgetting names, phone numbers or why you went upstairs (“What was I going to get?”) are considered common senior moments.

Ask anyone who is on the north side of sixty and they will affirm the importance of a good sense of humor. Learning to laugh at yourself is vital to being happy. If we’re lucky we learned this at an early age and we should never stop.

As the book’s publicist says, “Old age isn’t for wimps, nor is it for those without a sense of humor. The Big Book of Senior Moments is chock full of those small blunders, momentary lapses, and misplaced keys that happen to all of us. Humor might not help you remember your cat’s name, but it will certainly make you feel less alone!

Heck, I was misplacing my keys in my twenties, thirties, forties and on up. 

senior momentsDid you know that Albert Einstein once searched frantically for his misplaced train ticket because he couldn’t remember where he was going? Or that Marilyn Monroe forgot the same line through 52 takes during the filming of Some Like it Hot? Can you believe that Marlon Brando had to have his lines written on another actor’s forehead so he could get through a scene? If you have done something like this, don’t despair, for you are among other greats like Lincoln, Beethoven, Newton, Toscanini, and a whole assortment of presidents, poets, philosophers, popes, and Nobel Prize–winners. The Big Book of Senior Moments will be sure to bring a smile to friends and family alike.

This book makes a perfect gift for friends and family members who appreciate humor, and if they don’t, buy it for them anyway; the indignant look on their face will give you a good giggle 

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