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Aging2.0 Expo Convenes Global Experts on Tech and Aging

By Marsha Felton

One-of-a-kind event in San Francisco on November 19-20 brings together 500+ tech entrepreneurs and industry innovators to share best practices and collaborate on new models in care

Aging2.0, renowned global innovation organization for aging and senior care is hosting the 2015 AgeTech Expo on November 19 & 20 in San Francisco, CA. The two-day Conference and Technology Exposition features inspiring keynotes, practical education panels, technology exhibits, tours of Silicon Valley corporate campuses and more!

“Quality, customer service and transparency are increasingly important in today’s senior care sector and technology can help providers deliver in all three areas,” said Stephen Johnston, co-founder of Aging2.0. “The AgeTech Expo creates a unique forum for innovators inside and outside senior care to come together and forge the personal connections that are so important in this industry.”

The 2015 AgeTech Expo includes:

• Innovation Tours of corporate tech campuses such as Google SF, Yahoo, Lyft, etc.

• Panel discussions such as: “How Big Tech Will Change Aging”; panel of leading innovators in on-demand home care together on one stage for the first time.

• Global Startup Showcase: Startups from around the world will introduce their innovative products and services.

• Senior Panel with older adults age 70+, to discuss their views on the role of technology in their lives and thoughts about the next wave of innovation in aging.

Seth Rogen honors Kenneth Shinozuka at Web MD Health Hero Awards

• Keynote speakers include 17 year old brilliant, compassionate Kenneth Shinozuka, the teenage founder of SafeWander, the world’s first wearable sensor that sends an alert to a caregiver’s mobile device when a loved one or a patient gets up from a bed or chair, even if the caregiver is far away. Being brought up in a multi-generation home with a grandfather who has Alzheimers, SafeWander started from Kenneth’s dream to keep his grandfather safe. He created a revolutionary sensor which he hopes will revolutionize the lives of many! SafeWander website states: “More than 60% of the 47.5 million dementia patients wander. Wandering is also a concern for people with autism and other conditions…On the other hand, one in every three adults age 65 or older have risks of falling.  Falls often happen when these individuals get up from their beds or chairs….” 

Click here to learn more about Kenneth and SafeWander

Click to view inspiring videos:

*Teen Invents Sensor to Help Alzheimers Patients – NBC News.com – YouTube

*Wearable Sensors: A Novel Healthcare Solution for the Aging Society – YouTube

2015 AgeTech Expo Registration is open until November 15, 2015.


Marsha Felton

Marsha Felton, GRAND Marketing and Promotion Consultant, will be in attendance and is excited to provide us with more developments and news after the 2015 AgeTech Expo!

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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