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Posted on December 29, 2015 by Christine Crosby in baby gifts, crib, gift of time, new parents

Should You Dust Off Your Child’s Crib?

Should you dust off your child’s crib? 

When it comes to gift giving, keep safety and practicality in mind

As your child is planning for the newest member of your growing family, how sweet the vision of your new grandchild in that pretty, white crib she (or he) slept in, or in the antique highchair you refinished so long ago. They just need a little dusting or repainting, right? Beware! Safety standards have changed considerably in the past 20 or so years.

  • That crib may be coated with lead-based paint or have widely spaced bars that can trap little heads. Highchairs also might have lead-based paint or might topple easily.
  • A sturdy, newly crafted chair might be the best choice. Infant car-seat designs have been altered extensively in the past several years to keep up with the latest safety standards; for instance, federal law requires infants be transported in rear-facing car seats and secured in the back seat of any vehicle with a passenger-side air bag.

cribSo, before you rush out to the nearest baby superstore, consider this: Perhaps the best gift you can give the parents-to-be is a check or cash to buy new, approved baby items. If you prefer to pick a present, ask the parents what they need, then visit a baby department store to ensure that the products you purchase meet the most recent safety standards.

A few practical suggestions

Not sure what to get? Two inexpensive gift suggestions: an audio monitor for the baby’s room, a rear-view mirror to check on the rear-facing baby in the back seat, diapers to be delivered regularly for that first six months.

When thinking gift giving, antiquated baby equipment is not likely to bring the type of gratitude you’d desire. Big showy gifts may or may not be appreciated. Going with very practical gifts, however, that make that first six months or year easier will send the message that you’re very interested in the safety and welfare of both mom and grandbaby.

Consider the gift of time

Sometimes, one of the best gifts you can offer the new parents is a few days (or even a week) of a baby nurse’s services the first week the new baby is at home. That way, you can come visit, admire, and not overstay your welcome.



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