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The Coolest Toys Your Grandkids Will Love

 A dinosaur, a robot, a floating skateboard, and chocolate! These are the coolest toys you can find for your grandkids.

By Dan Nessel 

Thanksgiving & Halloween are behind us and the holidays have officially begun. It’s time for enjoying the company of loved ones and, of course, spoiling the grandkids with toys! Here are four super fun and educational toys that are sure to make this holiday season a joy for all.

The prehistoric pet from the future

What’s better than a dinosaur toy? A remote controlled learning robotic dinosaur toy that is filled with personality. MiPosaur from WowWee is curious, playful, feisty, and like any pet doesn’t always do what you expect. Filled with advanced robotic technology, the more the grandkids play with him, the more MiPosaur will learn and grow.

MiPosaur by WowWee | $99.99

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Learn programming while playing with a ball?

When you think of an advanced programmable robot, the image of a ball probably doesn’t pop into your mind. That will change after you see the Sphero SPRK Edition. It may look like just a cool transparent ball, but it is actually a fully programmable robot that will teach your grandkids visual block programming, logic, and C-based programming—all while having lots of fun!

Sphero SPRK Edition  | $129

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Want to be the coolest grandparent ever?

Walking is so 2014. The big thing in 2015 is gliding along on an electric, self-balancing scooter. The Swagway is sort of a mix between a skateboard and a magic carpet. Lean the direction you want to go and off you go, at up to 10 MPH. Grandkids can glide along for about 10 miles before they need to recharge the battery. If you want to be known as the cool grandparent, this is the gift to get the older grandkids.

Swagway X1  | $399

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Everything is better in chocolate

Tell the grandkids you got them a pen and you will probably get an annoyed look. Explain that you got them the Chocolate Pen and watch the smiles pop out. The Chocolate Pen allows kids to create chocolate treats that harden in minutes. The kids can freestyle their edible treats, or use one of the 50 molds included. Chocolate also included!

Chocolate Pen by Skyrocket Toys | $29.99

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Dan Nessel is Director of Product Reviews at DadDoes. Join Dad Does for real world, brutally honest product reviews, geared toward parents and grandparents.






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