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Posted on March 27, 2016 by Christine Crosby in college, GRANDPARENTD, grandson, Mortgage, STEFUN DARTS

GRANDson Pays Off Grandparent’s Mortgage

How would you like to have a grandson like this?

College student fulfills his childhood promise to pay off his grandparents’ $15,000 mortgage by saving all his wages and eating microwave pizzaStefun Darts was captured surprising his grandparents with a check to pay off their mortgage in video posted to Facebook on MondayDarts said he has been eating microwave pizza and not going out in order to pay off their Texas home. For more than two decades, his grandparents have been paying their mortgage but it would have taken four more years to pay it off. During the emotional surprise Darts, who holds a full-time job, also gifted the couple with a trip to the Bahamas

The touching moment was captured on camera this week as Stefun Darts wrote his very first check to his grandparents, Cecil and Marilyn Roberts, who were left in tears during the emotional surprise.

Darts, who holds down a full-time-job while also running two small non-profits, said he has been eating microwave pizza and has not gone out just to save money to pay off their mortgage, according to KHOU.


The Houston college student said he had made a promise in the second grade to pay off his grandparents’ house and to also help them retire – a promise he was determined to never break.

The grandparents are seen hugging Darts before he reads a letter that he wrote to them, thanking them for everything they have done for him.

After reading the letter, he then tells his grandparents he has one more surprise: a trip to the Bahamas.

‘I couldn’t believe it,’ his grandmother Marilyn Roberts told KHOU. ‘To have a grandson like that is a blessing.’

His grandfather, Cecil Roberts, added: ‘He’s a very special kid and I just love having him in my life.’

His grandparents have been paying their mortgage without fail every month and on time for more than two decades, and to pay it off would have taken another four years, according to KHOU.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3510645/Full-time-college-student-pays-grandparents-mortgage.html#ixzz448VDJmZP

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