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Hot Beauty Products Just For Us!

As we grandmoms look around for beauty products for us, it seems to be slim pickings. However, we’re going to be looking high and low for the best beauty products that we can find. Check out what we’ve found already.

beautyGo Green

For those of us who already prefer a Green lifestyle, we need to include our make-up routines as well. Here are some makeup tips for mature women from Paige Padgett, Author of The Green Beauty Rules:

  • White and icy silver eye shadow looks great on mature women. It brightens up the face; gives illumination.
  • Don’t wear too much shimmer. It can magnify your pores and lines.
  • Define your features: line your eyes all the way around, fill in your eye brows and wear a bright blush and lipstick to give skin a warm, radiant glow.
  • Hydrate the skin with a hyaluronic acid formula cream to prep for makeup. After makeup is applied, gently press on an oil to really give your skin a plump dewy glow.

beautyToss the Gloss

Forget about makeup reclaiming youth,” says Andrea Q. Robinson, author of Toss the Gloss, “Good makeup reclaims you.” Robinson, whose illustrious career has included chief marketing officer of Estée Lauder, president of Tom Ford Beauty, beauty editor of Vogue, and president of Ralph Lauren Fragrances, is the ultimate industry insider. Now, she shares her decades of experience in this honest and straightforward guide for women fifty and over.

According to her interview with Seniorplanet.com, Robinson is loud and clear on four big points:

  1. The makeup tricks we learned in our 20s and 30s don’t work for us anymore;
  2. You don’t need more than six essential makeup items;
  3. You can buy quality products on a budget;
  4. “Anti-aging” is a scam.

With this inspiring book as a guide, women will feel more natural and more confident—at any age.

Click here to read Andrea’s makeup tips

beautyBeauty: Just Take A Pill?

So, what if we could just take a pill or capsule and have our beauty dreams come true? By the time you’ve entered the GRAND stage of life, you’re not so easily fooled, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have an open mind to new products. One such new product that we’ll be watching is Age Quencher.

While the demand for ingestible skin care has been high in Asia and Europe for some time, the trend is only starting to take hold in North America. Global Industry Analysts estimates that the category will be worth $4 billion by 2017.  AGE QUENCHER is an early Canadian entrant into this fast-growing beauty category.

“It’s certainly not news to anyone that what we put into our bodies has a significant impact on both how we feel and how we look,” explains creator?? Dr. Fennell, adding, “and yet we continue to rub cream on our faces and expect dramatic change. Skin is actually the largest organ in our bodies and the science shows the best way to care for your skin is at the cellular level, where it counts—on the inside.”

GRAND Recommends

Contributed by GRAND Magazine’s very own GRANDmoms, Pat Burns and Christine Crosby

beautypat burns head shot2Reviews by Pat Burns

Smart Brow 

After a certain age and a lifetime of plucking my eyebrows, I discovered my eyebrows were quite diminished. Then I discovered Smart Brow, the best brow shaping tool in my makeup bag for perfect eyebrows. I love this product. It is so natural looking. It thickened up my brows before my eyes without looking drawn in and fake. I have no irritation at all. If you have the same problems as me, you must try this. You won’t be disappointed! One of the claims of Smart Brow is that these brows will stay on even through swimming or showering. This is true, and this is where the product excels.

MDSolarSciences’ Mineral Tinted Creambeauty

I’d also love MDSolarSciences’ Mineral Tinted Cream SPF 30 sunscreen. I use it daily and swear by it, because it glides onto my face like satin, feels wonderful to touch, and has lots of antioxidants. Because it’s tinted, it also acts as either as a base, or alone, for a light make-up day. For those light make-up days, once I apply it, I use a little blush and finish with a dusting of mineral powder and bam!—I’m good to go. They also make a version for sensitive skin with SPF 50.

beautyReview by Christine Crosby

LipSense beauty

 Did you ever kiss your grandbaby and, much to your horror, your lipstick came off on their adorable little cheek? Eeek! My husband wasn’t too thrilled about my lipstick rubbing off on him either. When I discovered LipSense my lipstick horror story ended. LipSense is the best long lasting lipstick I’ve ever used (going on 12 years now). No animal testing and non-GMO. It doesn’t feather or bleed (one of the weird things that starts to happen after about age 40.) Another great benefit of LipSense is that I don’t have to submit myself to the scrutiny of a department store beauty counter, I just call, text or email my LipSense representative, Karole Lewis, and it’s mailed to me the same day. Now, that is grand service!

Check out this video on how to apply:  https://youtu.be/EzNaNNAkVOE

If YOU have a GRAND Beauty Tip to share, please send to editor@grandmagazine.com


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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