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How To Be A Gorgeous GRANDma With These 7 Beauty Principles

By “Honey” Good

7 “Honey Good” Beauty Principles

According to Honey Good, a vibrantly beautiful GRANDmom, and founder/blogger of HoneyGood.com ,“Comparison is the thief of joy.” She reminds us to celebrate ourselves, and our beauty, inside and out, as well as that of our friends, older and younger. “We need never stop feeling and acting beautiful,” Honey says. Here are 7 tips for maintaining your GRAND beauty: 

  1. Intelligence: Be beautiful with your mind. Unless you are with a group of “brainy” women types I think you should keep the conversation light. You do not want to intimidate. You already do with your look.
  2. Confidence:You are probably loaded with confidence. We all know the saying, “If you’ve got it flaunt it.” I suggest you don’t. When you walk into a room, think, “There you are.” And not, “here I am.” Believe me, with your presence they will know you have arrived.
  3. Dress: Don’t allow another woman’s insecurity to intimidate your style. In this instance, be you 100%. Dress to please your husband and yourself. Let your beauty shine. Those that don’t like it… just delete.
  4. Affluent:Be rich within. Don’t let your money ever say, ‘I am too good for you.’ There is no beauty in that. Be down to earth. You can still wear your Jimmy Choo shoes and your designer jeans.
  5. Operate in shades of Grey:If you have a strong personality, don’t smother it; regulate it to the temperature of the women in the group.
  6. Competition:Women will feel you are a threat. It is your goal for your sake to make your women friends feel like winners. You already are.
  7. Mean Girls: They always run in a group! They bond in numbers and put others down. They are judgmental and cold. They have no beauty! If you are a part of a group such as this examine your reasons why and…run!

“Some wonderful advice I once received from a cosmetic surgeon: Stay out of the sun, away from the cosmetic counters where you will be enticed to buy expensive facial products that don’t work and just buy olive oil; it’s a natural product.”—Honey Good

 Honey Good Tip:

Though I’m not a plastic surgeon, I suggest you run out and buy your olive oil. Just put it in your shopping cart when you go to the market. Grape seed oil is now my choice. It is sumptuous and natural and makes your skin “feel” yummy.

Tell your friends and relatives that the secret to a beautiful skin does not have to come out of an expensive bottle…a little olive oil will do.

beautyAbout Honey Good

Susan “Honey” Good is a wife, mother, and grandmom to twenty grandchildren. She also founded HoneyGood.com, a website where women over fifty, from all lifestyles, connect.



Christine Crosby

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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