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Posted on May 31, 2016 by Christine Crosby in Samsung Galaxie, tablet, Visual Steps

Are You the Master of Your Tablet?

If you’re not the master of  your tablet, you can be with a little help from our friends at Visual Steps. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an easy-to-use tablet that lets you do many things. Not only can you surf the Internet and send email, you can also keep a calendar, play games, take pictures or shoot videos and read books, papers or magazines. All these things can be done by using apps (programs) installed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. And if you have an Internet connection, you can use the tablet anywhere!

How to master your tablet

The book Working with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Android 5 for SENIORS will get you thoroughly acquainted with your Samsung tablet running the operating system Android 5. The book shows you step by step how to set up the tablet and use the onscreen keyboard. As soon as you know how to type on the tablet you can send an email to your family and friends, surf the Internet or take notes. The tablet can also be used as a photo or video camera.

Along with the standard apps that are already installed on your tablet, you can add new apps (free and paid) such as puzzles, newspapers and magazines. You can find apps for almost any purpose you can think of.

Look up your holiday location

Another handy feature is the Maps app. With this app you can look up addresses and well-known locations. You can use this app to find information about the hotel you will be staying at for your next holiday. You can view these locations on a regular map or on a satellite photo. Many locations also allow you to use the Google Street View function. This makes it look as if you are actually there, walking on the spot. Once you have found a desired location, you can get directions on how to arrive there.

tabletAs you can see the Samsung tablet offers many possibilities. Step by step you will learn how to master your tablet with the book Working with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with Android 5 for SENIORS. On the website accompanying this book you can view the table of contents and a sample chapter!

Laptop vs. Tablet: What’s your best bet?

With so many gadget choices on the market these days, it can be very difficult for consumers to decide where to sink their money. Laptops and tablets are wildly popular within different groups and demographics, mostly because they deliver specialized experiences to their users.

A laptop is generally characterized as a mobile personal computer — a device on which you can perform all the tasks available on a desktop but in a mobile, light, compact fashion. Laptops have become lighter and smaller over the years, but have made significant strides in power, functionality and performance. For many users, laptops have become their preferred computing device because it allows them to complete all the tasks they would need on a desktop but with the convenience of mobility and flexibility.

Tablets, on the other hand, are currently the pinnacle of mobile technology. They are compact, very lightweight and extremely easy to carry. However, they do not possess the processing power of a laptop. Their functionality as a computing device is very limited, although sufficient for some people’s uses. Tablets can be ideal for those who browse the Web casually, such as read the news or popular websites, and those who play “lightweight” games, or want to watch TV or films while traveling. Additionally, tablets can be used in a variety of specialized careers like design and music.

Oftentimes, designers use tablets to transfer drawings on tablets into design software and programs. Tablets have also been popping up as essential hardware for music producers and traveling DJs, who use the devices for everything from mobile production to live sequencing, FX and mixing in their shows. Many music production programs and hardware designers are creating applications for tablets so DJs can use their favorite studio equipment away from home.

Despite these advances in some niche professions, tablets are often not suitable for hardcore gamers, presentation arrangement and creation, or heavy researching — tasks sought after by a larger portion of the population.

When trying to decide between a tablet and laptop, remember that there is not necessarily a “winner”, only a more preferable choice for your specific needs. Both laptops and tablets offer extremely convenient and powerful features, but the most efficacious for you will be based upon the tasks you seek to complete by the device.

First, think about what tasks will be imperative for the device to allow you to perform. For example, perhaps you travel often for leisure, like to read the news and books, and only occasionally view films while en route to your next destination. While a laptop might be nice in the off-chance you pick up a design side project, engage in academic research, or the like, this device is probably a costly, inconvenient option. A tablet would be much better suited for your needs, particularly because it is such an easy device to travel with.

Second, think about how much you are interested in spending. While tablets often have less functionality than a laptop, they tend to be much cheaper. You should think about the “more-bang-for-your-buck” element here, as casual computer users and Internet browsers will prefer the cheaper option despite a more limited scope of work available to explore. Even on the low end, laptops can be costly and one should carefully weigh convenience and function to price. Overall, there is no “right” answer to the laptop vs. tablet debate, only well-researched, smartly-made purchases.

Whatever your choice Visual Steps as the right help for you!

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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