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Posted on May 6, 2016 by Christine Crosby in 

Overcoming the Sticker Shock of Hearing Aids

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Focusing on the price makes it easy to miss the value of a product. This might explain why only 20% of the 48 million Americans with hearing loss wear hearing aids. That means, the remaining 80% of Americans are sacrificing their quality of life for a number of reasons – the main reason being the price of hearing aids.

hearingBut the truth is, if you can afford a cup of coffee a day, you can afford a pair of hearing aids.

Here are four frequently asked questions that might help dispel the old myth that hearing aids are too expensive.

Does health insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?

Yes, some insurance companies cover a percentage of the costs, but it all depends on your plan. To determine if your health insurance provides coverage for hearing aids, you need to check the benefits of your individual plan.

If my insurance doesn’t cover the costs, does that mean I have to pay for the hearing aids out of pocket and in full?

Not at all. There are different payment options available for anyone interested in hearing aids. The same way Apple offers monthly payment plans for their iPhones, hear.com offers affordable payment plans that work with any budget.

Aren’t hearing aids cheaper at big-box retail stores?

Cheaper is not always better, and you always get what you pay for. Many customers who go the “cheap route” end up spending more money going back to the store, 3, 4, even 5 times, just to get their hearing aids to fit and work properly. Treating your hearing loss with devices from a big-box store is like correcting your vision with reading glasses from your local supermarket.

Okay, what if I buy the hearing aids and I don’t like them? Am I stuck with them forever?

Nope. In fact, you have 45 days to test them at home, at the park, at your favorite restaurant, anywhere you like to spend most of your time. And if you don’t like them, you can simply return them without worrying about any hidden fees or charges.

If you think you have a hearing loss and would like to learn more about modern hearing aids, hear.com can help. Call them today for a free consultation. They are staffed with some of the best-licensed audiologists and hearing aid specialists in the industry, and they work with over 1000 partner providers all over the U.S. Need help with insurance? They can easily verify your insurance benefits and coverage for hearing aids. If you don’t have coverage, hear.com offers several payment options that can help you pay for your hearing aids on a monthly basis – without having to sacrifice your daily cup of coffee.

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