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Posted on May 1, 2016 by Christine Crosby in 

What Is Your GRANDparent Nickname?

What is your grandparent nickname? If you are a grand-in-waiting, you have a lot to learn about this topic.  We can help.

From a GRAND reader – “I am “Nanny,”  my Mom was “Little Nanny,” and my Grandma was “Big Nanny,” to my children and my Grandchildren. My Grandmother was, “Nana” to me.”

grandparent nicknameSometimes we get to decide our GRANDparent names. More often, an infant or toddler decides what we will be called for the rest our lives. We may want to be called grandma or grandpa, but we also have many other choices. We have listed Grandparent nicknames submitted by GRAND readers. Click on any of the above letters to see some of the many Grandparent nicknames. Plus, you can submit yours as well. Briefly, tell us how your nickname came to be.  Thank you! (

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(submit nickname) (submit nickname) Grandparent Nicknames: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

A Grandparent Nicknames

ASharon (Fairburn, Ga)

AbieElisa (Miami, FL)

AbuGRAND Reader

AbuelaGRAND Reader

AbueloGRAND Reader

AliSara (–)

Amma – GRAND Reader

Abba – I wanted to come up with something different because there were a lot of grandmas around. I did a search on “Grandma in different languages,” and liked Abba so that’s me to my four little ones. – Lynn

Ahma – My oldest grandson could not say grandma when he was learning to talk so he called me ‘Ahma’ and I love it!! – Kathryn (Austin, TX)

Ama – I was shopping with my daughter and granddaughter when I walked around to another isle, little Madeline,began calling me. Much to our surprise she was saying “Ama” She will be 3 on July 9th and to this day I am still “Ama”. – Elizabeth (Greensboro, GA)

AuntieNana  – I am not a Grandmother yet but I have 2 GreatNephews and 1 GreatNiece…They call their Grandmother Nana & their Grandfather Papa…and I am their Auntie Nana…So when the time comes, I guess I will be Nana… – JP

AweMe (Omi) – When my granddaughter first started to talk, I tried to teach her to say Grandma; “Say GRrr, Say Aaa, Say Ma. Say Grandma. She would mimic me until the end, and when it got to the “Say Grandma” she would say Awe Me. Unique and wonderful! – Deb (Medical Lake, Washington)

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