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How We REALLY Shape The Next Generation

They Are What We Eat – How we REALLY shape the next generation

By Christine Crosby

I’ve finally got it that our kids and grandkids will do what we do, if not what we say, and never more than around FOOD. Getting this right is critical for lifelong health and the compounding benefits of a positive self-image. We’re the role model they will copy for the rest of their lives.

eatLynn Wilson gives us 20 ways to engage kids with cooking, even very early.  Talk about a healthy start!

Gigi Schweikert gives us ammo to go up against Picky Eater Syndrome. I needed this help. Kraft Mac and cheese is not really food but we pretend it is sometimes rather than fight with whiny kids, right?

Arielle Adelman reveals 5 Hidden behaviors that undermine your child’s health.  This is so important… how children feel about themselves can be the result of many things we don’t even know we do.  Check this out.

In ‘Too Small To Fail’, Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times lifts the lid on an ongoing nutritional tragedy; that the most common ‘vegetable’ eaten by American toddlers is the French fry, and that almost half drink sodas or other sugary drinks daily.

The achievement gap between rich and poor kids is mostly baked in by kindergarten, and nutrition is at the center of the problem.

What do I take from these? Specific actions to help my kids and grandkids live a GRAND Life. You may have read as I have; some of today’s young people are getting a worse start in life than we did.  They’re on track for more chronic diseases and shorter lives.  I find this completely unacceptable, don’t you?

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