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Want To Banish the Sunday Scaries ? Meditation Works!

Want To Banish the Sunday Scaries ? Meditation Works!

Is this you?

Every Sunday night, you start to feel uneasiness. Your weekend is coming to an end and soon you’ll be up at the crack of dawn prepping your lunch for work. The anxiety almost makes it difficult to sleep as you lay in bed thinking of the looming emails you’ll have to answer to. This is none other than the dreaded “Sunday scaries”.

meditationGet through the feeling with a little help from Meditation Studio by Gaiam (https://www.meditationstudioapp.com/). There are several curated collections that cater to your needs, including ones perfect for the Sunday scaries – Stress, Anxiety, and Sleep. The collections include meditations with targeted titles, such as Ease Fear of the Unknown, Anxiety Release, Quiet Place Inside, Unwind and Let Go, and many more (over 200 to be exact!).

Example Meditations: https://soundcloud.com/gaiam-meditations


Gaiam, the premier yoga, fitness, and wellness brand, created “Meditation Studio by Gaiam,” an iOS app offering original guided meditations led by the country’s top experts. Launched on iTunes as one of the “Best New Apps for 2016,” the app builds on the success of “Yoga Studio by Gaiam,” which is the leading yoga app with over 1 million downloads. Meditation Studio by Gaiam presents an extensive library of over 200 originally-produced meditations, allowing users to explore a variety of styles to lead a calm and balanced life.

For just $2.99, Meditation Studio provides more than 160 meditations in a diverse range of styles, led by 18 expert teachers.

meditationThe app features a wide scope of meditation collections for many of life’s challenges, including stress, pain, sleep, confidence, performance, and more. The Performance collection, for example, offers light-hearted titles geared toward a “First Date” or “Public Speaking.” The app also offers a “Quick Breaks” collection, containing two-minute guided meditations intended to help users find calm while going about their day, with titles such as “Tech Break” and “Standing in Line.” Recently added is a “Long Breaks” collection for those who want to spend more time utilizing the practice, including meditations around 30 minutes in length. Finally, the app’s “Just For” category showcases curated meditations directed toward the needs of specific populations, including Veterans, First Responders, Mothers, and Kids.

The app also presents step-by-step instruction allowing users to dive deeper into specific meditation topics. For example, the “Meditation Essentials” course will introduce first-time users to meditation concepts, and “Changing Habits” will help them identify and change unhealthy habits in their lives. The 19-session “Uncovering Happiness” course, taught by leading expert Dr. Elisha Goldstein, specifically focuses on using a mindfulness practice to feel more joy and think positively.

Guided meditations are led by some of the world’s most influential experts, including Dr. Elisha Goldstein, Emily Fletcher, Michael Apollo, Susan Piver, Noah Levine, Rodney Yee, Ashley Turner, Dr. Shelby Harris, and many more.

Gaiam has also launched a companion podcast, “Untangle,” which highlights the difference regular meditation can make in people’s lives. The podcast presents interviews with real people, ranging from CEOs and medical professionals to athletes and veterans.  Meditation experts and luminaries are also interviewed, providing insights into the benefits that come with a daily meditation practice and the science behind it.

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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