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The GRAND Indian Bonds Within A Multi-Gen Family


By Anuja Joshi

They say great love doesn’t happen until the first grandchild is born. And now after seeing great love happen at home, I know the beauty of this statement.

I grew up in a very happy environment with my parents, brother and of course my grandparents. Although I still have not been able to figure out why living with our own grandparents or in-laws is termed as a ‘joint family’, I have always felt that this is an extremely healthy, rich, independent and a very Indian way of growing up; from children into adults and sometimes even growing up as adults. Unfortunately,  most of us are so overtly smitten by the western culture that living with our own parents and in-laws as grown-ups equals to not being independent and such other daft crap.

Going back to my childhood, I was born long after my grandfathers went across the rainbow but both my grandmothers have hugely influenced me in my growing up years. My paternal grand mother would be all wise and historic on some days and on some others, she was a fabulous companion who would help me through my ‘Maruti stotra’ or poetry recitations with just as much enthusiasm as she displayed in sharing a piece of pizza if we ever ordered one at home. I mean “which grand mother eats a pizza? And that too being edentulous!  I would often jokingly tell her this and she would very conveniently act deaf.

yowoto-indian-toddler-girl-playing-with-grandmotherAs for my maternal grandmother, she never ran out of warmth, hugs and goodies. There’s no place like home except for my ajji’s home.  From telling stories to cooking my favourite meals, from being my vacation buddy to my etiquette guru, I have had an absolute joyride with her and I continue to. She would tell me the simplest of stories in the most animated fashion and I have laughed the hardest listening to all of them.

So when my ten-month-old boy jumps with joy and screams and babbles when he sees his grandfather come home from work or when he greets his grandmother early morning after a blissful sleep, I simply look at them and cannot help but break into a smile. For with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts, we cannot possibly beat them in this friendship. Where they are unafraid of big dogs, speeding cars and the storms, but are terrified by their grandchild’s  “Booo!”.

Im glad I live in a ‘joint’  family.  So  Anay doesn’t  have to visit his grandparents over weekends and holidays. He’s just growing up with his best buddies.

anujafbAbout the author – Anuja Joshi

Hi, Im a dentist, mother and a homemaker. A foodie, a proud vegetarian and a yoga addict. I successfully swam five kms in the Arabian Sea at the age of 14 years and I have never been more adventurous in life after that. I work as a volunteer dentist in some special needs institutions in the twin cities of Hubli- Dharwad, which are home for me now. Any country with a fabulous health care benefit system for its people has always impressed me. And I sincerely wish India scales up in this aspect.
I believe that there is nothing more sacred in life than laughter and this belief is reinforced every time I see my ten-month-old boy giggle and chortle. Simplicity is my mantra. I like to keep things simple. Be it work, relationships, expectations or even appearance. And it works great for me that way.


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Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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