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Posted on September 25, 2016 by Christine Crosby in DadDoes.Com, Dan Nessell, Toys N Tech

Toys & Tech That Will Rock Your Fall

Toys & Tech that will rock your fall


Get hugged by your iPad. Do a magic show with Mo The Monster. Carry an HD video drone around…in your pocket. Encourage the grandkids to become little inventors. To rock your fall, we have some awesome technology you and your grandkids will love.

toysMo + grandkids = magical fun
What if instead of watching cartoons, the grandkids could help Mo The Monster make a cartoon magic show? This is exactly what is possible with the Osmo Creative Set and Monster App. Mo appears on your iPad and asks the grandkids to draw various things he needs for his magic show, on the included white board. The Osmo system then pulls those physical drawings into the digital world and brings them to life – making the process both creative and truly magical.

Osmo Creative Set (requires Osmo base system) | $49
Full review & demo of the Osmo Creative Set
TOYSHelp your grandkids unleash their inner inventor
Inventing with electronics and circuits can teach your grandkids about science, physics, and electronics, and help them develop problem-solving skills. The littleBits Rule Your Room Kit has figured out how to make all this learning incredibly easy, creative, and fun. By snapping magnetic bits together, the grandkids will make inventions to help protect their room and defend their domain.

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit | $99.95
Full review & demo of littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

TOYSYour pockets just got more useful
We normally think of our pockets as a good place to keep our keys, wallet, and phone. Now, thanks to the Pocket Drone by Odyssey Toys, you can also store an easy to fly, full-featured HD Video drone in your pocket. The Pocket Drone is not much bigger than your smartphone, but don’t let its small size fool you, this tiny drone is packed with features and a great gadget to take on your next vacation.

Pocket Drone by Odyssey | $99
Full review & demo of the Pocket Drone

TOYSIsn’t it time your iPad hugged you?
iPads and tablets are great for watching videos, looking at photos of the grandkids, and surfing the web. The problem comes when you try to watch a video in bed and you need to prop your tablet up to get the most comfortable viewing angle. The Tstand tablet stand solves this problem by allowing you to fully adjust the viewing angle of your tablet and even allows the stand to comfortably hug your body.

Tstand Tablet Stand by Surface ID | $54.99
Full review & demo of the Tstand

About the Author – Dan Nessel

toysDan Nessel is Director of Product Reviews at DadDoes. Join Dad Does for real world, brutally honest product reviews, geared toward parents and grandparents

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Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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