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Posted on November 14, 2016 by Christine Crosby in Australian, grandparents, Internet

93% of Australia GRANDparents Use Internet Every Day

93% of Australia grandparents use the Internet every day.

Around 72 percent of Australian grandparents cannot imagine life without the Internet, according to a new research report commissioned by NBN, the company rolling out Australia’s broadband network. The study shows the majority of these tech-savvy grandparents or ‘GranTechies’ could not imagine their life without the Internet (72 percent), while 93 percent admit they go online every day.

Australian grandparents are now using access to fast broadband for a range of tasks, including using email or Skype to connect with family and friends (85%), online shopping (59%), and downloading or streaming video and music content (24%).

Silver surfers think they are just as tech-savvy as their kids and grandchildren, and almost 59 percent believe their generation are just as savvy as their younger counterparts. Most Aussie grandparents say that accessing the Internet makes them feel more educated (72 percent) and purposeful (66 percent).

The study further found that Australian grandparents believe it is very important that they upskill and keep up-to-date on tech trends with more than half eager to learn more through online and face-to-face tutorials (52 percent). Millennial-men are leading the charge when it comes to staying in touch with their grandparents via social media with almost half (44 percent) admitting to connecting with Nan and Pop compared with less than a third (29 percent) of granddaughters

For those grandparents looking to develop computer skills there are now many online training options to consider.  Do you have a plan for how to use the Internet to grow meaningful relationships and rich legacies with your grandchildren or just for your own benefit?

Three resources that we’ve worked with and recommend are:


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