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Posted on January 7, 2017 by Christine Crosby in beyond, death, Dr. Ken Dychtwald, Houston Smith, life, religion

Life, Death and Beyond With Houston Smith

By Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. – Founder of Age Wave

Every now and then, in the course of human history, an individual emerges who changes the course of everything.  There is no question that Huston Smith was such a man.

First, there was his vast knowledge and wisdom.  Whether discussing Christian prophecies, Hindu scripture or theories about mind/body/spirit connections, he seemed to know a great deal about nearly everything. He had a Renaissance appetite for life and its diverse lessons.

Second, there was his unbridled enthusiasm for life.  Regardless of what knocked him down or stalled his gears, he always found a way to jubilantly pick himself up and continue advancing toward the people and projects he loved.

hqdefaultThird, there was his humanity.  He had a singular and dignified presence – with no pretense. With his quick wit, feisty nature, endless curiosity and boyish smile, he sparked the best in everyone he encountered.

We will ALL be indebted to his life and to his leadership – for generations and generations to come.

I had the profoundly good fortune of being asked to interview Huston several years ago, to probe his personal views about aging, death and beyond.  The two-hour interview was produced by Monday Media into a DVD entitled “The Arc of Life.”  For me, it was a breathtaking experience to hear his amazing perspective.  Please enjoy this 25 minute excerpt – but be sure to fasten your seat belt, as there is a good chance you will end this viewing altered.

Huston Smith:  The Arc of Life

Christine Crosby

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