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We GRANDmoms Want To Wear Our Joy…And Now We Can!

Grandmas want to wear their joy, and now they can!


I come from a big family. My parents instilled a strong love of family in all six of their children. I grew up knowing that possessions are never more important than people and any true joy comes from the relationship you nurture with the people in your life.

Pictured below: Chrys Howard with all of her grandchildren

When my first grandchild was born, I was like many new grandmas thinking he was the cutest, most adorable, and smartest child on the planet. The only way to describe what I felt as I looked into the hospital nursery was pure joy. I tell people it’s a good thing Facebook didn’t exist back then or some major over-posting would have occurred when John Luke Robertson was born. My friends would have seen that dimple-cheeked face way too many times! But, my joy didn’t end there. You may recognize John Luke’s name as one of the children on A&E’s reality show, Duck Dynasty. Yes, six of the kids on the show are my grandchildren, but I also have eight more, for a total of fourteen. I adore each one of them.

wear your joy
My mom looks so cute in her Wear Your Joy t-shirt, don’t you think? She is pictured here with two of her great-granddaughters, Bella Robertson and Aslyn Howard.

Over the years, I have looked for a t-shirt that expressed my “joy” at being a grandma, but I was never happy with the ones I found. Other “grandma” shirts were just not me. Several years ago, I started talking about doing my own t-shirt line, but life kept getting in the way and I never got to it. As I was helping my, now grown, grandson, John Luke, shape his book, Young and Beardless, I was impacted by something he said. He challenged his readers and go out do something they’ve always wanted to do. WOW! I realized that’s what I needed to do, so when 2016 rolled around, I determined to make my T-shirt idea a reality.

I love seeing grandmas of all ages, and in all stages, wear my t-shirts. These shirts are simply a way to express an overpowering love we have for those we value the most. After all, isn’t it the simplest of things–a hug, a kiss, a wave, a wink, a handwritten note–that bring us the greatest joy?

wear your joy
Chrys Howard

I’m happy to announce my Wear Your Joy™ line of t-shirts and my website,, is now up and running.


Please click here to visit us and see the full collection!

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