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Pump Up Your Workout With Water

Pump up your workout with water


Everyone vows to get fit at one time or another, but many must struggle to make it happen. There’s a simple solution: Just add water.

I never dread going to water exercise class. It seems more play than work. The water keeps you cool and gives you a lovely mini-massage. The buoyancy of the water makes it almost impossible to fall, and working out in water is easier on the joints, a bonus for those of us in knee-replacement territory.

Maybe misconceptions about water exercise are keeping you out of the swim. Allow me to correct a few.

Water exercise is not for wimps.  I always enjoy watching the faces of new recruits as they realize this stuff can be really hard!  Generally speaking, participants control the intensity of their workout, so everyone gets the level they need.

You don’t have to be a swimmer. The optimal depth for most exercises is chest-deep, so you never have to be in water that is over your head.

Water exercise is not boring. Besides moving briskly through the water for a cardio workout, you can use the pool for strength training, done mostly with foam weights. Using a noodle, you can work the core and improve your balance. You can do Zumba, yoga and Pilates in the water. I’ve even heard of facilities that offer pole dancing in the pool, but, alas, the director at my gym vetoed that idea quickly!

Water exercise can build bone density. While the buoyancy of the water reduces the weight-bearing aspect of your workout, the action of the muscles pulling on the bones promotes bone growth. Of course, it’s optimal to add other weight-bearing exercises to your regimen as well.

Maybe misconceptions about water exercise are keeping you out of the swim. Allow me to correct a few.

Sure, water exercise has the small drawback of requiring a pool, but other than that, it’s one of the most flexible workouts around. You can do it while traveling, too. Just find a hotel pool or health club. You can do it with your spouse or partner, with friends or with your grandchildren. You can do it in a group or all alone. Early or late, rain or shine – your water workout awaits!

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workoutSusan Adcox is the Grandparents Expert on About.com and the author of Stories From My Grandparent: A Heirloom Journal for Your Grandchild. A former teacher, she has seven grandchildren.



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