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Posted on March 27, 2017 by Christine Crosby in cards, friendships, Gelli, kids, Maureen Bartling

Girlfriends & G-Kids: Hand-Crafted Albums & Custom Cards

Quirky Cards for G-Kids & Great Friendships 

By Maureen Bartling

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Three-year-old Ellie responded, ”Actually, I am going to be a grown-up!”

When Potty training wasn’t as productive as planned, three-year-old Cate spoke up, “It’s not working, I need batteries!”

These funny stories make life fun and help us see things through kids reality.

Because I love these quotes and my own memory goes on a hiatus from time-to-time, I created an album to capture these simple moments.

Kids Say The Darndest Things  is a 7 x 9 inch album. It contains 20 pages encased in page protectors. There are two index cards on each page. Remember to enter the child’s name and age in space provided.

The album line now includes recipe books which can be personalized, as well as Nana, Mimi and Gigi albums.

Album can be for recipes too!

Last summer, while in the pool with 6-year-old Cole, I asked him to jump in and show me his newly learned swimming skills. I still laugh when I think of his reply. “No Nana, my parents said I had to have a grown-up present.” I guess I am still working on that grown-up thing.

These and other grandparent and grandchild gifts can be viewed at itsallaboutthegelli.com

Gelli Cards – Quirky Cards for Great Friendships

Gelli Cards – Quirky Cards for Great Friendships 


HAND CRAFTED CARDS FOR G-KIDS AND GIRLFRIENDS Click here to see more sample cards

Gelli printing is a unique way to make one-of-a-kind prints for one-of-a-kind friendships. Our cards are hand-crafted on cardstock using acrylic paints.


Several years ago, I traded my scrubs and my stethoscope for a paint brush and canvas. There was no turning back!  While medicine and bandages do a lot for the body, I believe laughter does a lot for the soul.

Here at It’s All About that Gelli, we are all about the Gelli (prints, that is). This technique uses a gelatin form which is painted and then texturized. A print is taken from the plate and used in the background. Fun!

Enjoy looking through the products; they represent both the serious and the humorous side of life. I wish enough of both for you!

Remember there is is no replacement for laughter and nothing like a card that says we are in a long-lasting friendship.

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