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How About MY Grandparent Name?


Sometimes we get to decide our GRANDparent name. More often, an infant or toddler decides what we will be called for the rest our lives. We may want to be called grandma or grandpa, but we also have many other choices. We have listed Grandparent nicknames submitted by GRAND readers. Click on any of the above letters to see some of the many Grandparent nicknames. Plus, you can submit yours as well. Briefly, tell us how your nickname came to be.  Thank you! (submit nickname) (submit nickname) Grandparent Nicknames: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

Let’s take this in small quantities….this post gives you some name choices from A-C to see more click here

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A Grandparent Nicknames

Abba I wanted to come up with something different because there were a lot of grandmas around. I did a search on “Grandma in different languages,” and liked Abba so that’s me to my four little ones.
– Lynn
Abu – GRAND Reader
Abuela – GRAND Reader
Abuelo – GRAND Reader
Ahma My oldest grandson could not say grandma when he was learning to talk so he called me ‘Ahma’ and I love it!!
– Kathryn (Austin, TX)
ali – sara (–)
Amma – GRAND Reader
AuntieNana I am not a Grandmother yet but I have 2 GreatNephews and 1 GreatNiece…They call their Grandmother Nana & their Grandfather Papa…and I am their Auntie Nana…So when the time comes, I guess I will be Nana…
– JP

B Grandparent Nicknames

– Kathleen

Bumbum That’s right! …my little grandson named me when he was 2.
Kyle is 12 now and I’m Bumbum to all 5 of my grandchildren, that’s
OK – my
husband is Happy
Ba My Great grandpa’s nickname was “Ba” because my dad couldn’t
say Grandpa Claude.
– Gina
Berber When my granddaughter was starting to talk she had a name for everyone
but refused to call me anything. It was her joke. One day when I
asked who I was, she was eating a cheeseburger and said “Berber”.
It has stuck for 8 years and is more endearing every time I hear
– Jennie, Louisville, KY
Bumpa My grandaughter, Adrienne, started calling me “Bumpa”
when she atarted to talk and still does at age 10.
– Sheldon (VT)
Bumba This was the name my son came up with for my dad, when he couldn’t
saw pronounce grandpa.
– John (OH)
Buddy My granddaughter calls me “BUDDY” (and I’m the grandmother!)
– Jenise
Bubbies My grandson was not quite two when he began calling me Bubbies.
I had always called him that name and then he decided one day that
*I* was Bubbies!
– Lisa
Bubbie All 3 call me Bubbie but my husband is Zaydie – and the 3 yr old
insist on calling him YaYa – for whatever reason. We love it!
– Agnes
Bubbe Mae I had a wonderful Grandma Mae who use to take herGrandchildren downtown
to the Chicago Loop and when
there was still either a Marshall Field’s Resturant or it
might have been another one that I can not remember.
– Mae (Chicago, IL)
Boppa Our oldest grandson began calling me this when he was a toddler. He
is 9 years old now and still calls me Boppa along with our other
5 grandchildren.
– Casey Dean
Boompa If you watch the movie Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation, Mr Hobbs (played
by Jimmy Stewart) is called Boompa by his grandson.
My grandson Calvin’s first word was Boompa when he saw me.
– jeff
Boobie I don’t know how I came up with that name for my grandmother, I
just know alot of people often turned to look at us often, I guess
to see if there was anything out of place.. HA! HA!
– Jessica
Bob-O My grand-daughter Amber just came up with this name, because is
could not say grandfather Bob.
– Robert (ME)
Biba When my first grandchild, Emily, was born, we called me Grammy.
One day my daughter called and said Emily (2) asked for me, but
called me Biba. When she was 5, I asked her why and she said, “I
didn’t really like Anderson”.
– Sandra (Tyngsboro, MA)
Beppe Beppe and Pakke Are the Frisian Dutch name for Grandma and Grandpa. Our grands have
several extra sets of grandparents and I wanted to be special.
– Laura
Bekbo This is actually my own daughter’s grandmother’s nickname. The oldest
grandson in the family couldn’t say Grandma…it came out Bekbo
and she’s been that ever since!
– Regina (Reggie) (Cleveland, Tn)
Bee When I was very young I couldn’t pronouce my grandmothers last name,
and mine, and somehow shortened it to “Bee” and it stayed
– Barbara
Bebop When my daughter was just learning to speak Bebop was the best she
could do for Grandpop. It stuck, all the cousins now say Bebop.
– Joyce
BeBe I was suposed to be MiMi , But my grandson pronounced me Be Be
– Tina
Bebe When my grandson was a baby we were in awe and were always saying
to him ” how’s my baby” “oh I love my baby”
he would mimic us but his interpretation came out bebe instead,
pronounced beybey… He’s 10 years old now and still calls for his
– Fran
Beanies My Great grandma’s nickname was “Beanies” because my dad
couldn’t say Grandma Ruby. She just passed before her 100th birthday.
My kids were able to know their own great-great-grandma!
– Gina
Bannie When my granddaughter, Mikalah, began talking at age 11 months,
I tried to teach her to say Grammie. However, her favorite character
on t.v. was Barney, so Grammie came out as Bannie. I’ve had to explain
my odd nickname many times over to others.
– Sylvia
Bampy The Bampster I was trying for grampy but he never said it. It’s
OK I gave him a nickname too!
– Mark
Bamma My youngest granddaughter has called me this since she was a toddler.
– Barbara
Ba-Maw The kids started it! It was the way our first grandson said ‘Grandma”
, and it has stuck!
– Dorothy
Bama & Bampa When our grandson was just starting to talk, he called us ‘Bamma
& Bampa.’ For Christmas 2004, I had a storybook printed for
him ~ he was the star of the story, along with his Bamma & Bampa!
It’s a fun way for us to remember when he called us tha
– Barb & Tim (IA)
Bakka My son tried to say grandpa, and got bakka – it stuck and now he’s
3 1/2. set the standard for his younger brother.
Baka Our last name is Croatian and the Croatian word for Grandma is “Baka”.
– Kathy (Manchester, MO)
Babcia We called my Mom’s mom the Polish version of grandma.
– Carolyn (MD)
Babah I was so intrigued by my name that I wrote a story and gave to my
granddaughter for a keepsake.
– Debbie (IN)
BaBa Our daughter adopted a 5 year old from Bulgaria. She is now 15 and
so beautiful. She has always called me BaBa, which is grandmother
in Bulgarian, and now two of our other grandchildren do. The others
call me GranJan.
– Jan (Fripp Island,, SC)
Ba My Great grandpa’s nickname was “Ba” because my dad couldn’t
say Grandpa Claude.
– Gina
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