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Posted on June 5, 2017 by Christine Crosby in chrys howard, grandchildren, grandparent, share your joy

What I Love Most About Being A Grandparent: Wear Your Joy Essay Contest

A big “Thank You” to Chrys Howard, founder of Wear Your Joy, for sponsoring GRAND Magazine’s essay contest:  ”What I love most about being a grandparent.”

It was almost impossible to pick one winner as every one of the entries were ‘right from the heart’, but our secret panel of judges did their best and choose the one by Joel Greenwald – see below as our grand prize winner.     

Please enjoy the following entries from the finalists.






By Lorraine Krsulich

Take the five senses, all will agree, seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and touching your grand baby, for the first time, its the best kind of therapy!


By Christine Virelli-Kuhens

Experiencing the wonder and joy of unconditional love from a child.

Not to mention the screams of excitement from all the “FIRST” all over again.



By Deb Martin

About being a grandma is spending time with my grandchildren.  I have more time to focus on just them.  Seeing the world through their eyes is fun.  We laugh a lot.  Hugs are so great.  I tell my grown children how much I appreciate them giving me these precious grandchildren.

By Rosemary McKinley

Every time I come in the door, they scream “Grandma” and every time I leave, they grab my hand and say “don’t go .”

grandmotherBy Joyce Messano

Being a grandma is great with the usual, you can love, spoil and then they go home with mom and dad.  I was awarded sole custody for three of my grandkids nine years ago. I love them dearly, but it’s been really tough. I question everything I do, plus my age and limitations.  One is out of the house the last few months (22) and the twins are 13, a rough time for them and me, and some support would be appreciated.



By Mabel Powell

The opportunity to share my values and life experiences with my grandchildren while they are forming their life skills.


By Joel Greenwald     grandparent

The best thing about being a grandparent as you hold your child’s child is knowing that you’re looking into the eyes of your family’s future.


 By Joan Schoenberger

I see her almost every day. I may not be her best friend, but she knows I love her and will remember our time together.


grandcparentBy Lucy Cortese

B-E-I-N-G  A  G-R-A-N-D M-O-M

Beloved,  Exhilarating,  Idyllic,  Never dull,  Grateful,  Audacious,  Giggly,  Rejuvenating,  Attentive,  Nurturing,   Dauntless,  Memorable,  Overjoyed,  Maternal


By Deb Martin

Is spending time with my grandchildren.  If yes, you know this joy.

When I had my children, I did not really understand how happy my mom was.  I knew she was happy and spent as much time as possible with them.  She even liked changing diapers.  I was glad for her help and support.  The kids loved being with her and my dad.

Once I was a grandma, I understood.  I told my daughter, “You never need to give me another present.  This child is the best gift.”  That is even truer today.  She gets me laughing and noticing so many things I had forgotten to notice.  Even when I am not with her, I pay better attention to my life.  “Thank you, grandchild.”

It is a balancing act for us grandparents between our child who is now the parent of our grandchild and our grandchild.  There are no instructions.

I admit my grandchild gets more of my attention when I am with her than my child did.  Sometimes it seems like a second chance for me.  It always feels like a blessing; even the dirty diapers and temper tantrums.

Do you have suggestions about enjoying both of these relationships?  One of mine that I must keep reminding myself is that I am not the parent.  Another is that I made mistakes.   More than one grandchild?  More joy.


By  S. Braidic

What’s the best thing about being a Grandparent?

Reliving all the fun things you did with your own child.


By Sandra Hafer

For me, it’s being the role model for a developing mind. From breakfast cereal preference to respecting others, I love being the one she watches.


By Larry Soulgrandparent

I just hope and pray that someday I can get up enough funds to get to see my far-away grandchildren

By Renee Mattison

Is that I have a second chance to cherish and invest in building character that was produced in my children. The circle is complete!


my grandbabyBy Diana Carroll

First grandchild, two-month-old Philip.

Watching you watching me

First favorite book – White on Black

Infant mat toy workout

Body wiggling smiles and coos


Grandparent By Bill Giering

It’s like eating cake.

Not making a cake.

It’s like watching a game.

Not practicing in the heat.

It’s like taking a nap.

Not waking up on time for work.

It is Grand.

By Carol Lytle

I LOVED raising my daughters. I always felt like that was exactly what God intended me to be doing at that time of my life. I was able to have the relationship I had always dreamt of having with them. You come to a point in your life when your children are grown, you have adult to adult love for each other, then along come the grandchildren. No one does parenting perfect, you wish you would have done some things differently, and now the exact love you had for your own children comes back like a windstorm! It is indescribable. You are wiser, you love deeper, and your patience is much stronger. I am back in that perfect place I am meant to be and those little tiny fingers and those out of the blue hugs, kisses, and the I love yous that I get to enjoy again makes my world feel amazing

By Barbara Jebejian

grandchildrenAs a retired grandma, I so enjoy helping care for my first grandchild;  giving the new parents help around their home and free time together!

By Tonya Jackson

I love being called grGrandmaIt reminds me every minute that I was chose to share love, wisdom, infinite hugs and kisses with seven little miracles

By Susan Sundwall

One at a time six shining raindrops fell into my overflowing cup of grandmother love that I drink from and savor every day.


Chrys Howard and family

Like all moms (and GRANDmoms), I wear many hats. I am a teacher by training and spent twelve years teaching children with learning differences. In 1998, I joined our family business, Howard Publishing, where I served as a Senior Editor managing our gift book line. I also oversaw our cover designs. In 2005, I founded It’s a Mom Thing Ministries, which brought live mom-honoring events to our area for several years. Currently, I host a weekly radio show by that name covering topics that are relevant to moms of all ages and in all stages.  You can find the link to my radio show here. (put link) I also work at a Christian Youth Camp called Camp Ch-Yo-Ca every summer (love it!) and am privileged to serve with a mission effort in the Dominican Republic each year. I’m honored to mentor young moms through a ministry program my super-smart older sister created called Heartfelt Ministries. Since leaving Howard Publishing in 2009 (we sold it to Simon & Schuster in 2006), I have helped write or co-write over a dozen books with several million in print.

Now to the really fun stuff in my life. I have three children and fourteen grandchildren who keep me hopping from one event to another and I love every minute of it! Rounding out the important peeps in my life are my adoring husband, John, my super-amazing siblings, my beautiful mom, aunts, uncles, and cousins…you get the picture—love my family! We’ve all enjoyed the success of Duck Dynasty starring my daughter, Korie Robertson, and her husband, Willie, but are even more grateful to play a role in their lives off camera. My daughter, Ashley, and her husband, Jay Nelson, and their five kids live in Madison, Alabama. My son, Ryan, and his wife, Christi, and their three kids as well as my daughter, Korie and her husband, Willie, and their six kids live in West Monroe, Louisiana. My husband and I live there too.

In my spare time, I play tennis and sew and am a huge fan of Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, American Idol (sad it’s over), and Downton Abby (really sad it’s over). But, mostly, my time is spent cheering on a grandchild at baseball, football, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, track, or turning a cartwheel in the front yard.

Some of my books are Strong and Kind with Korie Robertson, Miss Kay’s Cookbooks, The Duck Commander Devotional Book for Kids, Sugar and Spice, Snips and Snails, Hugs for Grandmas, Hugs for Daughters and Motivationals for Moms.


Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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