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Sartorial Savvy – This Vintage Look

Sartorial Savvy For Wearing This Vintage Look


This style story stars a recently-purchased vintage Leslie Fay skirt from somewhere between the mid-80s – early 90s. It was in mint condition, and my goodness, it has pockets.

It goes without saying, some things are always in need of celebrating: summer fun, the scent from a floral garden, a sunny disposition, and a skirt that’s oh-so pretty, and twirl-worthy, that you absolutely must wear it with a crinoline. Did I just say crinoline? Yes indeed, and I found one on E-bay.

  • Bring a garment into the current decade by pairing it with modern touches.

  • Make a colorful garment stand out by pairing it with a non-color. By wearing black, the colors in the skirt are even more pronounced. If I had worn hot pink or orange, the over saturation of color wouldn’t give this twirl-worthy skirt the attention it deserves.

  • Balance is key: Since I gave the skirt more volume, I needed to wear a fitted top.

  • The perfect shape was given to the skirt by selecting a knee length crinoline. The knee length allows the lower portion of the skirt to cascade freely.

  • Now is the season to bare our feet. Take care of them by treating yourself to a weekly pedicure, at home or at a spa.

  • It’s no secret I love to show my shoulders. Keep your shoulders luminous by moisturizing and exfoliating.

  • Belts are an excellent way to give your waistline more definition. 



Glenda Harrison is the contributing style expert for GRAND – The lifestyle magazine for awesome GRANDparentsVibrant Nation, and Midlife Boulevard. Glenda has written an inspirational memoir titled, A Place Called Peace and her latest book is True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface



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